(Sana Khaliq, Karachi)

Consisting of a heterogeneous student body, we know the University of Karachi is the mirror of K-town itself. Here are all the types of pupils you know or are bound to bump in at the jaamia.
1) The Walker: The mere size of KU inspires this type in all its students. The never-ending walks from one department to another under the scorching sun are enough to give Fair&Lovely business a damn good boost.

2) The Tullaybaaz: We all know that one person who loves skipping university but is best friends with the class representative. “Yar kal meri attendance laga dena.”

Sounds familiar?

3) The Nerd: They are the reason you have guilt issues. Passing a subject would have been enough had these nerds not scored in 90’s. What’s worse? You see them crying over a 98.

4) The Point-bus User: Every morning, an extremely overloaded and inclined KU point bus would halt by your department and this person would step out, with red fingers, gasping for breath. The first thing they do after getting done with their classes is rush back to the point. “Late gai tou point mein seat nahi milegi.”

5) The Foreigner: You will see a lot of them at KU. They are the ones who either appear to be hanging out with their lot or no one at all. You try befriending them but lose them halfway through their heavily-accented sentences.

6) The Kewl Dude: Those black, leather jacket dudes, tall, dark and handsome, who make heads turn. You wonder why there is not a trail of ooh-ing and ah-ing girls behind them until you notice their paan-stained teeth one day.
Well, now you know why.

7) The Muftakhor:
“Pass hogaya yar.”

“Engagement hogayi hai meri.”

“Dada ka inteqaal hogaya yar.”
Wait, whaa?

 The Judgemental: “Taubah Taubah, seen Samia sitting with boys? This close, I tell. THIS close.”
These are the type who would give you looks when you actually attempt to look presentable at university one day. “Date shate today, hanh?”

9) The Bhukkar: They always find their way to canteens somehow, are perpetually hungry and even the slightest activity makes them ravenous. “Yar class choro, PG chalet hain.”

10) The Dhokaybaaz: We all know at least one of them and we hate them! They study the most but tell the least, remind teachers of their homework and ditch you during an exam.

11) The Romeo: Their sole purpose of coming to university is to find themselves a life partner.

12) The Teacher’s pet: They think volunteering themselves as a teacher’s personal assistant (read: naukar) will earn them grace marks.

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