Do Men Lie About Fear?

(rabia naz, karachi)

In general,men are thought to have fewer problems with specific fears and anxiety than women the reason for this difference is not clear ,but several explanations have been offered. (1)Women may be more predisposed to the development of fears because of genetic or sociocultural factors .if this is true,women may actually show more fears and phobias than men do. (2)women may over report and men may under report specific fears."my above words say"they all are game of social desirable manner"women may be subject to less stigma for acknowledging their fears then men are. (3)men may be less likely to have specific fears because those fears have been put through a process of extinction.these my hundred words are not only words but an indication that because men are more likely to be expected to face phobic items such as snakes and other animals,their fears become extinguished PAUL ELAM(the founder of A Voice for Men and An Ear for Men); In his way of thinking, the only way men can overcome this is by walking into the heart of their fears and rebuilding their self-image on their values instead of on their willingness to sacrifice them. In a way, it requires rewriting the narrative of your life. It is harder to do that for most men than to face a hail of bullets or to walk into a burning building when everyone else is walking out. The good news is that you can start doing this anytime you make the choice.

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آپ کی رائے
yes,men lie about fear,they always give an answer in a wrong way when they feel fear
By: aqsa, karachi on Apr, 17 2017
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