Is There Gender Bias In Diagnosing Mental Disorders?

(Rabia Naz, karachi)

We know that gender differences exist in the diagnosed prevalence of mental disorders such as depression, which has been found to be higher among women than among men.for personality disorders,men have been found to have a higher rate of antisocial,paranoid and obsessive personality disorders,whereas women have a higher rate of borderline,dependent,and historic personality disorders. but are these real differences in the way these disorders affect men and women,or do the statistics reflect the influence of other factors,such as gender biases? Gender bias in the diagnostic system occurs when diagnostic systems occur when diagnostic categories are not valid.when they have a different impact on men and women. men and women have different prevalence rates for a particular disorder is not sufficient to prove gender bias rates may differ because of actual biological conditions .the diagnostic system itself to be biased.the difference must be attributable to errors in the categories criteria

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