(Naba Hashmi, Lahore)

Who Is A Superior Human Among In People?

Rich Or Poor? Beautiful Or Ugly? Qualified Or Illitrate And Black Or White?

On 10 Hijri On The Time Of Zilhaj Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) Said
“ O People , You Are Generation Of Prophet Adam, No One Is Superior Either He Is Rich Or Poor , He Is Black Or White And He Is Qualified And Illitrate.
Who Has Taqwa He Is Superior Human Among In People”
What Is Taqwa???
Taqwa Is An Arabic Term. It Is Mean That Fear Of God.Who One Has Taqwa He Saves To Him From Sin.
How Does Create Taqwa In The Thinking Of Human???
When Ever A Person Finds Reasons Of Creatures. He Thinks Reasons Of Every Creatures Either It Is Appear And Dis- Appear.
Then A Human Knows About The Power Of God.
“ Allah Is An One God. He Is Most Merciful, Allah Is Present Of Every Where , Allah Is A Greatest.
According The Holy Book Quran Verses (Surah Younus 04), Allah Is An One God, He Has Created Seven Skies And Earth In Six Days . Why Do Not You Consider?

Every Creature Which Is Created By Allah It Is Beneficiary For Human. Allah Loves To Creature More Than Mother’s Love.
In The Light Of Surah Al-Imran Verses 190-191.

Undoubtedly In The Creation Of Heanens And Earth And In The Matual Alteration Of Night And Day, There Are Signs For Men Of Undertanding.

Who Remember Allah Standing And Sitting And Lying On Their Sides, And Contemplate In The Creation Of Heavens And Earth (Saying) Oh Our Lord! You Have Not Made It Invain, Hallowed Be You, You Save Us From Fire Of Hell.

Whenever A Person Consider To Universe He Realise That God Is Merciful. He Gets Close With Nature Day By Day. It Is An Achievement Of A Person Then Human Trust To Allah. He Loves To Allah, He Protect To His Self Which Kind Of Any Act, It Will Be Unliked By Allah.

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