Where is the humanity?

(Jannat Qazi, )

I see humans, but no humanity. On Thursday, a journalism student of the Abdul Wali khan University was reportedly beaten up and shot dead by a mob of fellow students within university premises.Mashalwas accused of sharing blasphemous content on social media said by the mob of students who killed him. Here the question is who has given them right to kill a person? Our Prophet did not teach this cruelty. The act of murder in the name of Prophet (S.A.W) is not the way to show how much you love Prophet.

Mashal was helplessly lying on the floor surrounded by men, his body bore marks of severe torture. The mob of the fellow students continuously beaten and kicking the body, everyone watched him but no one saved his life. According to the university administration 20 officers has arrived but were unable to control the situation because there were so many students involved and later 15 people arrested in connection with the incident, but what would happen to them? Surely they will not kill in the same way as they killed Mashal. Humanity is no more left in us and we have created monsters, the blood is on our hand.

The killing in the name of religion and it with the name of blasphemy is not right. Islam promotes tolerance and peace not the bloodshed. The more we are losing faith in humanity, the more our society is destroying. Mashal Khan’s appealing death hints to the vile prospectus of our society and still no evidence found to suggest that Mashal Khan committed blasphemy or not.
“Before becoming a part of any religion let’s become the human first”.

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