Unpurified and uncertified mineral water bottles in Karachi.

(Sara Hussain Mughal, )

Millions of people are living in Karachi "the city of lights". People from all around Pakistan come to karachi in seek of employment but like any other big metropolitan city, there are so many problems, crimes and mismanagements in Karachi also.

One of these problems is lack of water. That's why inhabitants of Karachi have to buy drinking water. Hundreds of water contractor are selling more than thousands water bottles. Everyday half of which are unpurified. You never know the water you are drinking is safe for you or not. Specially on railway station there is no proper system. Most of the water bottles selling in the name of mineral water are uncertified and unpurified, alarmingly harmful for health. So, how can we make sure about the water we are drinking is "purified"?.

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