All Tht Glitters Is Not Gold

(Fahaam Arshad, )

“Indeed, it is not the richest plant that holds the sweetest fragrance in”

We live in the age of hypocrisy things are not what they seem to be outward appearances are mostly deceptive. They believe the inward glory. There are many wolves in the sheep skin. Many evil minded persons put on the garb of a saint. Many fools pass off as wise men and many pick-pockets in their western dresses look gentleman. We cannot gauge the depth of one’s heart by simply looking at one’s face. Every stone is not a gem. On the other hand,a really good man may be locked at with jaundice eyes. We may not appear as good looking as those who wear sophisticated clothes. He may be having a golden heart, but not golden curls. It is not only the golden curls. It is only the goodness of heart which is the touch stone of a man’s quality.

Mehwish Abbasi

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