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The life is beautified with style and style is revamped by traveling and traveling is refurbished when knowledge of travelling is shared. Lifestyle is consisted of two words, i.e. life means the existence and style means the method of life through which a person leads his life. It includes his behavior, talking, walking, dealing and feeling about others. All Heavenly Books have instructed man to do traveling and do observe the lifestyle of past people for getting fear and warning.

Basically lifestyle depends upon climate, tradition, occupation and religion. It means that lifestyle of cold areas will be different with the lifestyle of hot areas. Likewise, lifestyle of privileged class does not match the lifestyle of unprivileged class. It is the blessing of nature that man has different lifestyles as it does open the door of traveling – traveling for getting insights and knowledge or traveling to impart knowledge or traveling to shine spirit and to realize that God is everywhere. Again, the traveling is a source of raising knowledge and source of interaction with people of different cast and nature. Some of them are frost in nature and some of them are de-frost. The traveling also gives a reflection of the lifestyle of people belonging to different culture and religions.

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