Education and its impact on personal development

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


Knowledge is a God gifted blessing that is re-energized and invigorated through education. Education has been important in all ages, whether the age is of barbarianism, or the age is about justice. Education closes the door of ignorance by teaching etiquette how life is led and how life is fed. Without education, life is a curse not only for the given person, but also for the others as an uneducated person easily becomes prey of extremist activities. Capacity building and personal development are impossible without education as it has great impact especially on personal development.

Without knowledge and education, it is difficult to differentiate between good and bad. It is education that gives know-how what is good for human beings and what is bad so that they may fully employ the natural resources for the betterment of themselves and for the other fellows. It not only creates enabling environment, but also cause of positive and robust welfare economic activities. It also teaches human beings about the instructions of God and His Prophets on account of which they know what kind of deeds will lead to the eternal success. One impact of education is emerging of confidence – confidence in talking, confidence in walking, confidence in listening and confidence in doing something. In short, it is witnessed that an educated person has full confidence, which helps him out hardships and opens the door of success.
The civilization is an integral part of education because if there is no education there is no civilization. Education creates a civilized society that takes care for all people living in the society and tries to keep justice on a sustainable basis. Further, education opens the door of brainstorming, causing emerging of new discoveries in all fields of knowledge that facilitate human beings to solve their issues. Issues are integral parts of life until life exists issues will continue, but they continue to be solved through education and knowledge. Moreover, social responsibilities cannot be known without education. It is education that teaches human beings, what their rights and responsibilities are as rights and responsibilities are integral part of life – if there is a right there is a responsibility as well.

Respect is the greatest passion and deed that is required and desired by each and every one whether someone belongs to the lower class or upper class. One impact of education is witnessed in the shape of respect as educated people get respect by doing respect to others as they know respect breeds respect. Education transforms an uncaring person into a caring person by striking his sense of intelligence as it is a God gifted blessing that can be refined by education. An educated person is not limiting his education and knowledge within himself; he imparts his knowledge to others in this way knowledge is reciprocated from one hand to another hand and so on. The sequence of reciprocal knowledge will continue for the betterment of all human beings.
Man feels repentance over his wrongdoings due to education and knowledge because if he is not educated, he will never feel repentance over his off beam deed. It is education that gets his head bowed before Allah and he does renunciation before Him over his wrongdoings.

The core impact of education is the passion of scarification. Man is ready to sacrifice his life for the cause of Allah – he sacrifices his turn for the sake of others – he sacrifices for his children, for his near and dears. In a nutshell, it is education that provokes the passion of scarification that creates peace, tranquility and happiness in the world.

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