10 – Characteristics of a Good Teacher

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


The career of Teaching and coaching is reckoned one of the best professions in the world, but it requires good character, patience, sacrification and continuous study to capture the day. A teacher is a leader of the class and students are followers of him. The teacher is a reformer, a mentor, a guider, a mediator and so on. Being a good teacher and mentor, he can mend the characters, behavior and manners of students on the other hand spoil all of these if he has no capacity for teaching and mending. A good teacher must have the following characteristics without which the teacher is not known as a good teacher.

1) Having Considerable Knowledge and Expertise: A good teacher must have considerable knowledge and expertise so that he may deliver something to the students. He should be fully occupied with the course of study having ability to present before students efficiently. A knowledgeable and fully occupied teacher is a great favor for students as they learn a lot of knowledge from him.
2) Having Good Character: Good character is an integral part of a teacher’s community, as teaching is a respectable filed and people want that a teacher should be a symbol of character. A teacher builds manner and character of students also students inspire from him so he should be a role model for them.
3) Passion of Sacrification: A good teacher must have the passion of sacrification because it is a core trait of teaching and coaching career. If someone has not the passion of sacrification, he should not choose the teaching career. A good teacher has to sacrifice a lot of things for the sake of students as being a role model he has to give up many object only to put a positive impact on students.
4) Having deliverable passion: Delivery is a character of a teacher as all in his career the teacher deliver-on even after formal retirement from the teaching field, he has to deliver.
5) Having Mediation Capacity: A good teacher must have an arbitration and negotiation capacity in order to settle down the conflicts that arise between students. Conflicts are settled in such a way that all students may be satisfied over reconciliation process carried out by the teacher.
6) Having Caring Personality: A good teacher is assumed to be a caring person and supportive not only for students, but also for others so that students and other associated teachers could benefit.
7) Law Abiding Citizen: A good teacher must be a law-abiding citizen because a law-abiding citizen is a disciplined civilian who does not break the rule of law. Being a disciplined person, he keeps discipline among students to create an enabling environment in the education sector.
8) Broad-minded Personality: A good teacher must have broader insights and always think of positive as this characteristic of a teacher is helpful not only for the students but also for the parents and other people.
9) Free from Undue Lust: A teacher is associated with students – girls and boys both. In this context, it is essential that the teacher is free from undue lust so that students do not feel any kinds of harassment.
10) God Fearing Person: A good teacher must be a God-Fearing Person because a God-fearing person has a soft heart and is a believer of all sky stuffs also does follow the teachings and instructions coming from Heavenly Books that help him lead a sober life by avoiding all kinds of injustices.

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