6 Tips for selecting a right peer group in Schools

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


A selection and a decision making are not easy tasks – selection requires external capacity, whereas decision making requires internal capacity. The selection and good decision making are known the best traits of the corporate sector. A success in the corporate sector depends upon these two traits. Selection is also witnessed in school life when students make friends by selecting some of their school and class fellows. The schooling spans over several years during these groups are formed and deformed. Six tips for selecting a right peer group in the schools are given below:-
1. Interest is common: The interest of all friends forming a group must be common, so that their group should remain integrated and interrelated. Before selecting a right peer group, interest of other students must be observed in order to avoid conflicts of interest. If interest of all students’ group of a school is common, they enjoy their friendship and it will remain intact long lasting.
2. Social status is at par: The social status of all peer groups should be equal, so that no conflict of interest is created and their group may remain unharmed. If social status is not at par, students’ group will scatter soon; therefore it is essential to see the status of each student before selecting a right peer group in the school.
3. Respect each other ethnicity: All friends of a group must respect each other traditions and rites and not make fun. Respect has great and long lasting impact and keeps the relationship alive. Man is the most respectable among all other creatures having power to do well or bad as his action is not auto-determined or default. On account of this, he is accountable for all his deeds and actions.
4. Consideration of Age Group: Before selecting a right peer group in the school, age factor must be considered – all friends in the group should be of nearly identical ages – two-three years of age difference can be neglected. Parents should also observe the age factor of friends of their children – whether their children’s friend ages are appropriate according to their children’s ages or not. Moreover, if age factor is considered, age-differentiated conflict will not be surfaced.
5. Turn away back-biter and selfish students: During selecting the students’ group in the school, it may be kept in mind that backbiter and selfish students are not inducted into the peer group as backbiter and selfish students may severely hurt the group. They have habits to point out a deficiency of a person before others in the absence of him, although they praise him when he is with them. This kind of backbiting and selfishness not only hurt them, but also create troubles for others.
6. Refuse to accept Pessimist: Pessimist or negative minded students should not be inducted into the group of friends of a school because they habitually see the worst aspect of each and every activity and discourage other people through their false thinking. They are fake friends like a shadow always give preference to their interest. They never help their friends when they are in trouble. Therefore, it is essential not to induct such kinds of fake fellows in a right peer group.
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