Pakistan's Cultural Destruction

(Sehr Abrar, Lahore)

Culture refers to the cumulative deposits of knowledge, experience, beliefs, values, hierarchies, attitudes and possession acquired by a group of people in the course of generations through individuals and group striving. Different cultural groups think, feel and act differently. As time passes cultural differences manifests themselves in different ways and different levels.

When we look at the culture of Pakistan, the society and culture of Pakistan is a collection of various ethnic groups; the Punjabis, Potwaris, Sindhis, Balochis, Makranis, Kashmiris, Hazaras, Pashtuns and Muhajirs. These Pakistani ethnic groups were influenced by the South Asia, the Central Asia, West Asia etc.We can say that Pakistani culture is a mixed culture.

Although Pakistani culture is an Islamic culture, the people of Pakistan are following much of the western culture which is the root cause of the identity crisis which we and especially the youth are facing today. The love of poetry and literature of Allama Iqbal and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the grace of royal families of Delhi, the rich heritage and folk lore of Punjab, the tempt of Sindh's ancient civilization, the hospitality and competitive warrior pride of Pathans and Balochis, now have been left back. In the name of modernization we have forgotten our own cultural values and beliefs. It can be noticed that people are not proud to speak their own language. Yes! english is an international language but it doesn't means that we will forget our national language. For example Malaysian Prime Minister uses Malay language to converse with other ministers. He used his National language and gave it its importance. We are more eager about Holi, Diwali, Christmas, Halloween and New Year. Yet these activities are not included in our culture, we find them more entertaining and enjoyable. Conversation between our youth are often focused on Indian songs, Indian movies and Indian actors. Many of us have very least awareness of the Pakistani music industry but when we listen a song of a Pakistani singer which he sang for India we make him popular and praise him but when he used to sing for Pakistan we didn't even new his name. That's what we call loosing our culture loosing our identity. The Qawalis of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sahab were being ignored from so long but when the Indian music industry used it in their industry we started taking interest in those Qawalis. This is what Western countries and bollywood has done to us.
Several Pakistanis believe that banning Indian movies and daily soaps is the only way to overcome the losses suffered by Pakistani culture. Until there is no real sense of responsibility to recover our society and put Pakistani interests first no major change can begin to occur. As a beautiful saying is:

"i lead no party, i follow no leader, i have given the best party of my life to careful study of Islam, its law and policy, its culture, its history and its literature." Allama Mohammad Iqbal.

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