Drama or Shelter for the Shelter less?

(Salman Baig, Islamabad)

Member (RIPC)
For the last 4/5 decades the government had started many schemes to provide the shelter to the shelter less and the needy in the country but we still see the reverse picture of this all (Hatimtayat). Whereas in fact the poor is becoming more poor and dependent of different begging schemes, loans, small business loans, micro financing and many other lucrative slogans for the removal and termination of the long existing poverty in the country which has crippled the poor to existing and sending his children to schools, having access to medical care, shelter, safe water and above all access to justice as the equal gender with equal rights and respect in the society.

Earlier, our elders would tell their young to be obedient and loyal to the country so as they got it with sacrificing their millions of beloved, mothers, sisters, daughters, fathers, sons and loss of trillions as they were forced to leave their home at the gun point. It was entirely true perhaps that we proved to be wrong and false practically now.

Who voted for Pakistan now looked as they were cheated by their rulers in the name of Islam, democracy, equal rights, human rights, women rights, access to justice with no denial nor the delay. If we talk about the availed facilities in the name of democracy and the rule of law we hardly find any good example to quote ,say, access to health, education, shelter, safe water, environment protection, life security, food security, food nutrition, food quality ensuring and above all the right to know the updates on the food mafia, land mafia, drug mafia and the CPI mafia that twists the market rates and looting the poor worth billions in each city with the kindness of the district management and the district judiciary, both constituted for the protection of the people’s constitutional rights.

We see that these all about 16/17 departments in each city have been totally failed with reference to their constitutional roles as none of the citizens is secured of anything nor has the right to ask the district management what is going on with the consumer market. If someone did the trouble to ask the district management he would be send to a stereotype procedure where he would confuses his defeat and forced to leave the petition or the complaint as a result of any issue.

The people at large have come to know that such a ruling system would never resolve their long existing issues and multiply their issues into more complex and unresolved so they become always rotation (chakkar) of their problems and could not go for the accountability of their corrupt leadership.

It is perhaps the strategy of our rulers since the day one that make the people slaves to run their factories as the cheap labour with no remedy nor hearing of their problems neither counting of their saying.

Now let us talk about the shelter schemes launched by the federal and the provincial governments to provide the shelter to the shelter less and the needy.

These are the damn lying statement and the schemes as earlier have been done with the poor in the country. All the said schemes for the poor were granted to the property dealers, rich land mafia, the influential bureaucrats, their allies, agents of the property mafia and a few to the working class who were forced to resell their plots/houses to the same property mafia as the games were designed by the authorities.

“It is irony of the game of vultures that many of the media mafia had posed their status as the shelter less while having their own bungalows and the houses worth millions. They fraudulently cheated their fellow journalists and deprived them of their constitutional rights. They have not been heard nor counted yet by the judiciary, the PM despite passing about ten years.”

These schemes were never fair, free and transparent however a denying tactics to the poor in the name of shelter and making the rich land mafia and minting billions in the name of helping the poor in the country. It is all done in the day light when there is the PM, the Judiciary, the admin, the NAB, the FIA and many more including the PM Inspection Teams to ensure the common people their constitutional rights and access to justice.

No rules of business for the shelter for the shelter less were observed nor were the allotted argued to be the second time beneficiaries or the applicants for the same facility.

Now, everybody can see those flats in Islamabad where the lords are living and the bloody poor are on the footpath just because of the corruption of the authorities involved in the game. The recent bid for the other schemes and asking for the contribution of Rs.25000 and Rs.10000, non refundable from the poor is another game of looting the poor in the name of shelter.

Another shit, almost practiced by the government for facilitating the poor is the lottery (Quraandazi) schemes for the housing and the vehicles, business loans etc to the poor or the needy with lauding statements, we serve the people. One can ask the government to show its tricks how the lottery will decide the deserving or the needy and why the people already beneficiaries of the same facility are entitled for applying for the same. Whereas by the rules of business of the shelter for the shelter less and the needy they must be banned for applying for such schemes so to ensure others to avail the facility.

Hundreds of media persons who had good relationship with the rulers and the media mafia in Islamabad had availed the facilities of having more than2/3/4 times plots, flats and denied their fellow journalists to remain on the footpath. It did not end up here just by having the flats or the plots by the well-wisher of the media mafia or the beloved of the ruler but some millionaires were too posing their status as the poor and the shelter less and got plots in the Media Town, a project of the Rawalpindi-Islamabad Press Club Housing Scheme at Lohibher facilitated by the government of the Punjab for the shelter less journalists.

The deserving who applied for the schemes should be recommended by their union’s leadership who can certify the true candidates and verify their needs as true or the false. This mechanism can provide the government a fair, free and transparent way to help the poor or the needy in the society rather making them beggars for just a house in their life time and making their beloved property dealers having assets of worth billions. In recent elections a journalist declared his property worth millions.

But to promote the culture of corruption in the country all the wrong doings are legal and all the influential property mafia is engaged in such schemes to use their all tricks to buying the plots or the flats. Such lootings is a crime and equal to denying the poor or the shelter less in the society their right and be dealt with irony hands if there is rule of law in the country.

We demand the honorable PM and the judiciary to ban such heavy membership funding for the poor who are almost denied or forced to sell their properties to the same land mafia if granted. We demand the honourable PM and the Judiciary to take suo- moto action and declare such activities illegal and actionable along with cancelling the earlier cheat business done in the name of poor and the shelter less.

We also demand the honourable PM and the Judiciary that none of the earlier (once availed) beneficiaries could apply for the shelter in the whole country and their applications be monitored by the NADRA and the concerned institutions and the bluffing face the legal action.
We hope that our requests would be heard and we would be counted in the coming policies and the shelter lees people would only be the beneficiaries as to have their constitutional right to live with respect and dignity as the constitution assured we all.

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