10 – Habits of a Good Student

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


The life is empty, boring without habits and amusements; they are integral parts of life that keep a man active and busy. It can rightly say that work (positive & beneficial work) is a blessing of Allah because without a job life is unexciting. The habit and routine of the man demonstrate his character and nature as he gets recognized by his company, companions and habits. It is the fact that a habit or a routine is associated with the culture, traditions, religion, environment, customs and the status. Further, the habit of a man living in one corner of the world is different with the man living in the 2nd corner of the world. The common 10 habits of a good student are given below:-

1) Time for God and Time for Good: A good student has time for God and time for good. It means he starts his life early in the morning with the name of God and does some light exercises to provide kit and to fit him. Later on, he takes healthy breakfast and goes to college. Remembering God, taking exercise and heavy breakfast keeps him active all the day and benefits him. He enjoys the life robustly and saves himself from multiple diseases by the blessing of Allah.

2) Refrain from Backbiting: A good student has a balanced speaking – no loose and not fused, but to the point without giving negative or hatred remarks about someone in his absence. It has been observed that backbiting is a major cause of breaking relationship and love. On account of extremely disgusting characteristic, it has been declared a curse and immense offense in each religion of the world. All students should refrain from backbiting and advise others to be refrained from it so that a loving atmosphere is created.

3) Discipline: Discipline is a long lasting impact on life and a reorganization of human being. Without discipline life will become a mess. Discipline is a particular trait of a good student as it builds manners and character of students. In the long run a disciplined student will become a role model for others and get respect.

4) Do Respect: A good student does respect the others and in return he gets the respect as the doing respect is a reciprocal phenomenon. A man is the distinguished creature of the world, under this scenario we should respect the each and every one that has the sense and the lens either he may belong to the lowest class.

5) Avoiding wasting time: A good student refrains him from all unhealthy activities that may hurt him. He passes his time on educational and other healthy activities that make him wealthy by way of learning and earning. In all respects, he desists him wasting time as he knows that elapsed time can never come back.
6) Abstinence from drugs: A good student keeps himself abstinence from drugs and not to be intoxicated. He knows that intoxication is a curse and deeply injurious to health and wealth. Being a sensible and a good student, he tries his best not to use drugs.

7) Law-abiding not Law-breaking: A good student always cares for laws of land and never thinks about to break them. The tendency of the law-abiding attitudes protects him from the multiple negative consequences and he passes his life smoothly and robustly.

8) Prudentially expends Pocket Money: A good student prudentially uses his pocket money in a constructive way as he knows that his parents earn money with efforts and labor. Also, he tries his best to share the burden of his parents by taking home tuition as well as doing the chores.

9) Broad-minded Personality: A good student must have broader insights and thinking. He observes the bright side of each aspect not like a pessimist who always sees the negative aspects of each thing. The optimistic tendency always gives him the benefit and he is liked by all circles.

10) Helping Hand: A good student always ready to help others for the assent of Allah that satisfies his heart and soul. This service-oriented approach opens the door of success for him and in the long run he stands on a victory stand.

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