Knowledge is treasure and practice is to key it.

(Mohammad Nadir Waseem, Bhakkar)

According to great scholar Raghib al Asphahani “knowledge is the awareness of a thing with reference to its reality”.All religions of the world have gave emphasized on getting knowledge.No doubt,knowledge is treasure and its sources are unlimited.As for as man get more knowledge raised his ranks. A knowledgeable person s superiority over the one who merely worship is like the superiority of moon over every other heavenly body.The importance of knowledgeable person is immense.As it is a precious wealth and property,every human beings has thurst for it.

The Holy Quran directs us to get more and more knowledge.In Holy Quran it is said that knowledgeable person and a person without knowledge are not equal.Islam makes it a religious duty upon muslims to seek knowledge.The Holy Prophet said:”seeking knowledge is an obligation on every muslim”.

Dear listeners,
All the progress in the world is due to knowledge.knowledge is always valuable reality.that is why,who ever seeks knowledge and help other people to learn will get uncountable reward from Allah Almighty.knowledge is more important than than wealth and property.No wonder,knowledge is among the important things which Allah Almighty directs Prophet(PBUH) to to pray that He will be granted more of it.

Great men have conqured and ruled the world with their knowledge.All the great scholars ,thinkers and scientists who get knowledge and help human beings with their knowledge, philosophies and inventions are honored today because of their knowledge.

Knowledge is even more powerful than physical force. knowledge is the light that removes the darkness of ignorance.knowledge solves mystery and provides man with reasonable explanations. Without knowledge it is complete darkness and with education it is light.

Today,knowledge has given us power to win the space ,to fly the moon,to flight any deadly diseases and cure them.

There are many benefits of knowledge and knowledgeable person.knowledge set us free and makes us undependant on others.knowledge gives us respect and it gives us self esteem.Process of knowledge teaches us to have a positive attitude about life.There is no denying that there are several convincing arguments for the notion that knowledge is supreme wealth,and it is always best to use our wealth for good.

Respected teachers,
But there is question how knowledge is obtained? Knowledge is power,but knowledge does not always come with power and wealth.Hazrat sayyedah zainab (R.A) said:”practice makes knowledge perfect”.To seek knowledge,practice is very important thing.Holy prophet urged muslims to teach Holy Quran to others and this practice increases knowledge of teacher.What ever you practice is what you become good at.

The poet of East Allama Mohammad Iqbal strongly believes that education without training is useless.

Quaid e azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah advised students saying:”I insist you to work and only work for satisfaction with patience, humbleness and serve the nation.

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