Behind every successful woman is only herself

(Hassnain Malik, Lahore)

women empowerment

Let’s suppose you get an award from the prestigious institution or Prime Minister then what will you do with it. Obviously, you will proudly put it on your table or add in your CV as the greatest accomplishment of your life. But do you ever feel proud that you are the “Best Creature of the universe” among the trillion discovered creatures? Because the Greatest Power of the world “God” awarded you as “Best Creature of the universe” and called you of His best product. God created men and women with different structure and treat them in an amazingly different way. God created first human “Hazrat Adam (AS)” and his soulless body was left to dry for 40 years and then created Him. On the other hand, God created Hazrat Hawa or Eve (AS) with clothes in darkness. The way of honor is given by God different for both of them. On the Day of Judgment, all Prophets will be present. Then there will be an announcement by God with ordering tone that ‘O People of the day of Judgment (from Adam (AS) to Antichrist), “lower your gaze, Fatima (RA) Bint-e- Muhammad (PBUH) is coming”. All the above-mentioned examples depict that God is giving the message to all men to respect women from the “Day of Creation” to the “Day of Judgment” by giving honor to women. Women are the most respectful and best creature of God that He orders all men to lower their gaze.

In our society, we treat women in a very erroneous way. We constrain them that you can’t do it because it’s not for a woman. Even we stipulate the fields for women when they want to achieve their career goals in a certain field of interest. God created everyone with an immense skills or talent. In this way, the skills or talent unexploited and it extinguish the cause for which God has created women. She relinquishes for her father, brother, son and this journey of relinquishment continues generations after generations. It has been forbidden to expose yourself from the body to thought, rest you can do anything that you dream for or you desire to achieve in your life. Don’t rely on others rather rely on yourself and do whatever you want in your life. Distinguish yourself and just remember, “Behind every successful woman is only herself”.

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آپ کی رائے
Wao dear sir g it's great actually I am not talking about the words or the skill how it is written but I am talking about the creative thinking very few of us could understand because these are not words actually these are feelings.
Wish you best of luck with your hard work.
By: Sadiq jan, Nowshera on Jun, 01 2017
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