On Becoming

(Aisha Mohsin, Melbourne)

-On Becoming-

The other day, I was assisting my daughter with a Science project that involved things that are light and heavy and hence float on the surface of water or sink due to their weight/mass respectively.

And it made me think that isn't our individual existence too oscillating between being and becoming?

In this very second, as I write this, I'm reflecting a part of who I am and simultaneously working on who I'm becoming or trying to become.

By the same token, things holding you back from becoming who you'd like to become, at any given moment in time, are weighing heavily on your heart. And things that make your heart and soul joyous are holding you above water.. Keeping you afloat there in peace and happiness.

What needs to be done is to know that not all of what brings us down needs to stay. Some things are harder to let go of because we've known them too long and they seem to have altered our chemistry so to speak..Some ideas, beliefs, school of thought and even people are hard to part with...


There's a part of us still holding on to the aftertaste of a failure. We often forget that it is but a tiny part of our past, and not who we are as a person. It is *not* a true reflection of our abilities. It happened only to show that if we were capable enough to try it once, we can do it again (i mean if you've figured out that it's something that's not part of fate/taqdeer... you can always try again)

I always believe that people who try often and fail have definitely an edge over those who have it all in the first go. Why? Because they have known more than one way of getting around n' trying something...

All of us, from time to time, withhold forgiveness, unknowingly grow into our insecurities, dwell on unmet expectations, hold on to relationships that keep us feeling broken and inadequate.

*Knowing* the difference between what keeps us afloat and what weighs us down is the first step in allowing ourselves the grace to admit that its only human to make mistakes. To get tired. To lose heart. To compare. To give up.

So that makes the first part of becoming. *Realizing. Knowing.*

Who and what is serving as our life boat? Who and what is drowning us..?

Second part is *deciding* what impact it is having on your life. Deciding what we want to let define us. And this [what] could be our Experiences, People we meet and choose to spend time with, and Accomplishment/s, basically who and what you want to pursue?

And last but not the least, *act*!

What you've known, thought about and decided upon requires us to take action.


Make room for change by letting go.

1- Letting go of anger by forgiving.

2- Letting go of greed by acts of charity and internalizing that what we give here is what's going to be multiplied and enstored for us in hereafter.

3- Letting go of hate and envy by praying for the ones you feel negative about.

4- Letting go of unhealthy thoughts by pursuing more acts of self love and compassion...Not to leverage you excuses ignoring imperfections but a humble attempt to become a better version of ourselves by the will of God.

And whatever you choose to think, decide or do, look at it through a lens of light. Pray it up and believe that with Him, all things are just a matter of کن فیکون- Be and It is!

بعت مع سھارع ھہو

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