Beauty Is In Dark

(Samia Saman, karachi)


“The moon is nothing without dark”
The beauty of night is just because of dark if there is no darkness in the world then anything cannot show their glamour even on sky the stars you have seen it show their shine just because it has a black background.

I am asking you all why we all our doing comparison between black and white people? We all need to understand that our Allah Almighty when do not do any discrimination between black and white men so who the hell are we to do such difference between dark and white?

We don’t have any write to evaluate people on the basis their complexion as we are now living in 21st century at least now we have to change our narrow mind thinking and have to adopt new trends of the world.

In our society the issue of complexion is a big taboo:
That if you have a dusky complexion then you cannot do anything, you will not get good proposals even in advertisements they are promotion the whitening concept that if you have white skin then only you will get a materialisd and full of luxurious life so some where these type of advertisements and dramas are also responsible for spreading the concept of white pigment in the society. In actual it is all just a myth.

We all human being usually like and love to have a white skin and want to have a British complexion even we judge others by their physical appearance not by their internal appearance but if we know the importance of persons work ,skill not his skin color and complexion. Beauty is all about love, live, like you.
We must have to pay attention to the system of the world that.

“The rain will only possible and start when there will be dark clouds only”.
It means is that never underestimated the beauty and elegance of dark. It is very easy to say that we are human but it is difficult to be a kind human.

The true definition of good looks is to have a good quality mind. Good soul. Those who have a dark beauty thus be thankful to Allah Almighty for this and just believe in yourself and accept everything you get by birth. There are many successful people in the world that has got success just because of their talent such as Oprah Winfrey is one of them.

The best fact of having dark complexion is that that person who’s having a dark skin tone they won’t get the cancer disease.

In the end I just want to say that it is better for us to accept person the way he or she is because you know what ‘’DIVA IS IN Dark”

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Topic is good...keep writing dear
By: Fatima Afzaal, Karachi on Jul, 12 2017
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That is your special things.... Great.... I really like it.. Keep it up
By: Maaz, Karachi on Jul, 07 2017
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