Car disasters

(Zoha Zahid, Lahore)

Doubtless, you've seen videos on Youtube about self driving cars. Every car company is jumping on the bandwagon to make their own version of the SDC. Consumers seem ready for the change, as do some of the ride sharing apps, such as Uber and Lyft (although they each have their own problems).

However, what is less clear is the result on the consumer. While the projects promise a utopian dream, there’s less than meets the eye. The self driving car is still years away. It is also an expensive project. We still don’t know all of the dangers of the SDC. Who is responsible when the SDC is involved in a fatal car accident? Will Google take the blame for the crash? How will insurance companies handle such a claim?

State, local, and federal regulators rightly worry about answers to these questions. When will Google have the means to prove safety? After a number of major accidents? Will they follow the same procedures as traditional car makers? All of these questions need answers before making the leap of faith into SDCs. It’s the responsible thing to do.

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