Technology help to students

(Zoha Zahid, Lahore)

When technology and human mind match and work together, it blasts. However, when it cut off the effect of each other it become a curse. Let us compile students and mobile phones together, debating upon its beneficiaries and harmful effects. Now a Days, everybody has his/her smart phone in hands which is useful in certain ways. It is now, a modern era. Everything is globalized in fingertips. Thing are just done on Email, messenger, watsapp, Skype etc. Now through screen shoots and advanced camera options any type of information can be kept in the selected memory of cell phone. It is now very easy to study using mobiles. Whereas, in USA and in other developed countries notebooks are replaced by Tablet PCs to encourage the students to utilize more of their efficiencies in learning instead of jotting it, down.

However if we talk about the harmful image of it, most of the students are misusing it. They use to switch on the mobiles during lectures, classes, and researches. They do not concentrate upon the teachers lecture. Secondly, a student mostly seems fobbing every times. Apart from studies, they avoid their peers as well. Finally, they do not study the whole semester because they enjoy social media daily.

In conclusion, everything looks good in its own time. Studies should be adopted in its time and fun should be done on fun time. Time is precious and it only cares for those who care for it.

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