(Muhammad Saleem Khan, Karachi)

Do not fear from any fear. Fear will not only send you back but also it does not let you go forward. Remember that “self confidence is key to success”. You must need to overcome your fear. Champions are not the super human, man learns his mistakes.
There are some “tips on how to boost your self-confidence level”.
Do not fear from fear, try to boost up your confidence level as much as you can, overcome your fear and laziness, be patient, be comfortable, be positive, be competitive, be honest and be true, these are the key tips for enhancing confidence. Chase your dreams with constant determination it will keep pursuing you for your betterment and dreams. You can beat all fears. Think that you can break the wall of fear and can come out other side and then you can do whatever you want it means that you have boost up your self- confidence level.
For achieving this target you have to take out time for your plans and dreams, doing all things alternative way. Give proper time to your plan and achieving target and observe on it deeply check all negative and positive sides becoming truly yourself. Be punctual and regular in every work especially at your job and in your plans. If you lose your confidence and you believe that you cannot do that, it is very difficult, can be impossible, you are not competitive, not so smart, not attractive then you should understand that you have great problem to boost up your self-confidence. This thing will keep holding you and achieving life target is not easy to you. So give up and snatch your all fears into your mind and become confident.
You can be a successful person by taking control of self-confidence. Try to Increase your skills, learns something new, be competent and positive why? because you can do yourself without helping of anyone else.
You are being given some more important tips:
Train yourself; check your mental picture; learn to kill negative thoughts and be positive. What are your doing, whatever you watch on media or surrounding you; do not think it is very difficult, you can run fast, you can perform with flying colors, never think about leave the challenge which you give yourself, understand yourself and so on.
You can beat your enemy whether you know him or not with confidence. Think on your limitations whether these limitations are positive. Accept challenges bravely and be kind and generous for everyone, make principles of your life. Set a small target and achieve them and speak softly or gently. Increase your knowledge and work with small things. In the last make your personality spotless handsome.

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