Worthiest is Cheapest (Water)

(Azaz Ali Khan, Mardan)

Water Scarcity

The most important and worthy gift of nature is water of which even consist of 70% human body and also in every sector of life in short we can say that life is impossible without water. But how much among us are aware of the facts about water that the shortage will touch it's high level until 2025 according to top level studies and researches and 2.8 billion of the total population will suffer of water scarcity. Currently in the world round about 1.6 billion people are living with absolute water scarcity around the world which consists of almost 40% Africans. While the drought is getting higher at some places. The available water for drinking in many regions e.g india & africa are of standard which make them sick and can cause problems of urinary, Gastro & Kidneys as the water for washing clothes, cattles, drinking are the same quality but in those regions the heat waves compel those people to drink more of that dirty water which led them into severe problems and unaffordable diseases. From the side of nature like the climate change and short rainfall are also the reasons of that problem which will be faced by the world sooner rather than later. As researches conveyed that even California have it's lowest rainfall recorded since hundreds of years. We always blame the nature but we never ever been self accountable for resolving these very issues.

When it comes to us around all over the world the water is wasted too much rather than desired needs specially in agriculture as the farmers are getting water for absolutely free around the world and are also wasting lots of it in irrigation system. So as we know that until we don't pay for something we will use it in wasting way rather then useful outputs.

Now lets come towards the methods of using water in an efficient way and have some examples around the world. Researchers predicted about Israel to be the water super power till the world deeply dig in water scarcity and the reasons are their reusing of waste water, making sure the desalination affordable rethinking irrigation specially the drip irrigation system which saves the water from being wasted in high amount along with developing sophisticated water conservation techniques. Reports told that Israel have even converted their deserts into green as they had transferred the extra amount of water into these deserts and they grow lot of vegetables and fruit which they also export. Israel is providing water as much the masses need but they have to pay for the amount of water they required which make them to use it in an efficient & careful way.

New York is the second example where the storages of water and reusing of waste water is also became very common. They also priced the water and due to pricing water investors also took greater interest in investment over there.

The third world countries should learn from these countries and have to work and invest on the infrastructure required for storage of water and it's distillation and filtration rather than investing in panamas and other offshore properties because after a decade the world will face a huge problem regarding water and the countries having proper storage and distilled system will be the more efficient states in the water issues.

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آپ کی رائے
Very great, good effort but plz update your profile so that people may know u online. This must be seen by many of them but no one responded because of no profile details
By: Yasir Ali ANP, Peshawar on Jun, 02 2018
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We need to use this nature gift with some respect and regarding need
By: [email protected], Mardan on Jul, 19 2017
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