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(Talha Wajid, Lahore)

Unfortunately we have education system in which student and Teacher means A sky and floor Lack of passion and practical work main reason that we have one of the bad education system teaching became business and student became consumer.Teacher is character and student is follower I believe if teacher wants very very Nill student will become Topper yeah A+ now after that the important thing we ignore The Training and character It Is The main role parents but after that it comes to teacher How? answer me a question You did some thing wrong in class teacher says get out you say sorry then teacher leave class what you lean from it?You learn if someone did mistake and say sorry never say any thing just leave instead of it if teacher says Its ok and with a smile give you some positive advise and Right your mistake what should you learn from it? you learn that you have to Forgave person if he says sorry and advise him to right his mistake This is just a simple Example of how training and character Make by teachers now its up to us our Teachers which type of character they want in future from students. Benjamin Franklin who drafted the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States said:

Same here involve student to your character involve them by doing practically what you want to deliver them same as our PROPHETsallallahu alayhi wasallam did for us be a teacher for world but be a hero for your student.

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