10 – Ways Stress Results in Students’ Failure

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


Students’ life is a dynamic and enthusiastic life – full of thrilling having strength with dreams of a bright future. However, one component that can deteriorate the achievement of a student is stress. Stress is much harmful to all students as it leads to failure of the students. Ten ways of stress that put a hindrance to the students in achieving their educational goads are discussed below:-

1. Deficiency and Downgrading in Study: If students feel deficiency and face downgrading in their studies, they are caught by stressing and lose the strength of fighting resultantly they lag behind. They lose the courage of fighting in the educational field. They become shy and coward only on account of stress that in the long run gets fall them into the well of disappointment.

2. Non-emerging of inner & hidden ability: If students do not spur inner and hidden ability, they feel stressed that puts a negative impact on their curriculum and non-curriculum activities. This negative impact leads to the students towards failure.

3. Difficulty in Study: If Students face difficulties in attending their classes as the course does not corresponding to their mental interest, they fall into the well of stress causes their failure.

4. Lack of Presentation Ability: The lack of presentation ability also puts students into the stress as they feel that they have no strength to speak before the public, accordingly they cannot project themselves effectively. In the present age good presentation plays an important role in getting goals, but a stressed student can never give a good presentation.

5. Wrong Major: If students choose the wrong major that is not in accordance with their mood and mental capability, stress prevails giving negative impact on their studies.

6. Lack of Confidence: Confidence is a key to success. If students lack confidence, they face the stress that leads to them towards failure.

7. Lack of Essence in Education: Like confidence, the essence of education also plays an important role in getting achievements. If a student lacks essence in education, he will not in a position to get the required results.

8. Weakness overcomes Strength: The wrong major overcomes the strength leaving students in scattered fields of stress and confusion. On account of this they cannot get any achievement and goals in their lives.

9. Overwhelming Homework: An overwhelming homework may put a student into the stress as he is not in a position to accomplish his task due to the extraordinary lengthy assignments. It is fact that on account of lengthy homework, students do not get time for outdoor games that are essential for their physical and mental growth. Lack of physical exercise increases their stress and put them into the dilemma.

10. Domestic Atmosphere and Poverty: The domestic atmosphere plays an important role in students’ life – if it is positive and healthy the students shine like star otherwise unhealthy domestic atmospheres put the negative impact on the students. Poverty also depresses and stresses students and they are not in a position to get the achievement. The unhealthy domestic atmospheres and poverty increase their stresses and confusion. In the long run due to stresses and confusion, they face failures in their practical life.

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