Animal cruelty

(Rabea Shahid, Karachi)

Two lives exist in the world, humans and other are animals. Humans are made superior to any other living and non-living creatures. Even so, humans don't see or treat animals in a superiority manner. The superior one should be right, wise, and just in all ways of living patterns. However, most of the humans are declining themselves to inferiority. Which is a shame. Humans are complex creatures with heart and soul.

Most of the humans are cruel to animals. Sometimes they do it purposely and often because of their psychological behaviour. The inflicting deaths of animals are categorized into two; active and passive cruelty.

When their owners show negligence towards their responsibility over pets, these unspoken creatures victimized and then results to dreadful death. Owners abandon their pets and leave them for starvation, dehydration, improper shelter, unable to seek vet care treatment. These are all passive cruelties.

Humans brutally murder animals for the sake of meat, leather, fur, etc. They are being slaughtered with intense pain that they couldn't bear and die helplessly. Animals are being used for scientific researches. It is a need of humans, but it doesn't make sense to torture animals for their scientific purposes and being them lay down to death. These are active cruelties. There are some companies like the Lever brothers, The body shop, Physicians formula, Dermalogica, etc. Who doesn't test their products on animals, and still they are making high marketing of their products. This is proving that animals are not made for scientific tests, so no more cruelty tests on animals.

The HSUS (Humane Society Of The United States) estimates that nearly 1 million animals are abused or killed in connection with domestic violence.
In pig slaughterhouse, man drags, kicks, and uses electric prods at genitals of mother pigs forcing them to get into the anesthetization chamber. Pigs try to escape, but the man keeps beating them. These pigs are intoxicated with carbon dioxide. They get scared of suffocation and death. They tried to gasp for oxygen. They are being unconscious and then killed. Nobody deserves that kind of destiny.

The poor calves are being victimized of the meat and a dairy industry. They were isolated by their mothers immediately after their birth. They kept in little crates for four months. They spent their lives with no sensation of walking and then threw them into the truck all to the way to slaughter for meat. Only male calves are sold to kill for the meat, and the female calves are left for the production of milk.

In industrial chicken hatcheries, the chicks are treated brutally for the immense need of chicken. Dogs are being skinned alive in China to eat.
The government and all the authorities of the world belonging to any country should have enforced a strict law for the rights of animals, and humans should be taught a good lesson, who commits this act of cruelty. There should be such organizations and foundations to rescue the trapped animals and who can take care of homeless animals.

There are some great people around the world, who are bringing innovative evolution to the world into the lives of animals. In America Ethan Brown and his team together with Bill Gates working on which has global implication. They are working on making of Not meat products for the humans. The meat we consume as food contains proteins from the plants that animals eat. Instead of going through meat production, they're extracting proteins directly from the plants using steam and pressure named as ''Plant Meat'' for the carnivores.

The NOT Company 's products are saving the poor animals for being slaughtered dreadfully. The ''NOT MILK'' is replicated of milk which we consume from cow. It is made out of mushroom species, a couple of seeds; Chia, linseed.

Giuseppe, the computer software is an artificial intelligence algorithm programmed to become the smartest food scientist in the world making plant based food that replicates the meat's taste, texture, and even the smell of it by copying it's molecular structures of components. This computer software is trained to learn the patterns of molecular components and decides how to make all these Not meat products.

Raising and breeding livestock is the single largest contributor than plants. The plants require less land, less water, and fewer resources for the production so it is the easy way to feed 7.1 billion people in the world.

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