Are the MUN's fulfilling their jobs?

(Syeda Mashyya Mpin Madani, Karachi)

Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an extra-curricular activity in which students typically roleplay delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. This activity takes place at MUN conferences, which is usually organized by a high school or college MUN club.
But what actually the clubs doing in the name of MUN’s is not the same thing, the kids taking part in MUN’s just because of the Qawali Nights, and yeah ““Glow Night Dance Party” sounds much more exciting than “Redefining R2P.”

If we consider the history and evolution of Model United Nations – a simulation of UN meetings with discussions over various current geopolitical issues, we will come to know just how hard and long people work to come up with complete nonsense. Dear Nation, a pestilence is upon us, a plague of nonsensical rubbish, because as we know, despite its pseudo-intellectuality, inflated egotism, and breeding of pointless leadership, the MUN is now more popular than ever.

Sufferers of this disease are increasing in number. Students are so bored of their old profile pictures so they attend MUN’s to get a good DSLR wali Profile photo.

Supporters of the MUN argue that it boosts up the confidence and self-esteem of even the shiest flowers that even though some candidates are better prepared than others, everyone gets to speak. To those people I say, is that necessarily a good thing? Have you noticed that these kids probably shouldn’t be spreading anymore idiocy than they already are and that boosting their confidence will do exactly that?

I ask you this; does this make-believe conference truly do what it sets out to? Does it engage the youth with current affairs? Does it really educate them on matters of urgency?? Do they know the size of Asia? Do these conferences or MUN’s are making or changing world out from the facebook profile picture or the long statuses with the stories of that how super awesome the conference was.

The students of class 6 are also taking part in MUN’s even they don’t know what exactly MUN’s are….. in just Karachi we have like 100+ different MUN’s working like… every prvt collage have its own MUN, Every University have its own MUN, and even now every private school started doing MUN”s but do these MUN’s are doing any productive work or any thing for the betterment of society? Except ruining our kids, As per my knowledge these MUN’s are working from more then 5 years in Karachi..SO do you think any single MUN have produced a good Politician for society??

In this farce of acting like they know what they’re doing, delegates forget that the stuff they are discussing so casually is what’s really happening out there, and the claim that this conference breeds leadership is put in to question when the leaders never act. They never solve the complex issues that are at hand or even come up with a coherent, eloquent debate about it at most of the times. And just like the UN, they ignore the real, pressing issues, those that could kill us, or someone else a few miles away, because they can’t really handle it, or it’s not so cool to be debated on.

To conclude, this post is not about discouraging people to participate in MUNs. This is simply a reminder for both the organizers and the participants to please set their priorities straight by not comprising the very essence of this activity.

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