10 – Bad Habits Usually Develops in College Life Among Students

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


Habits are integral parts of human activities – it is beneficial if it is healthy and good otherwise it creates troubles and hardships. The habit and routine of a man demonstrate his character and nature as he gets recognized by his company, companions and habits. It is the fact that a habit is associated with the culture, traditions, religion, environment, customs and the status. In this context, the habits of college life are different in comparison to the habits of school life as school life is confined life to some extent, but on the other hand college life is not confined. The 10 bad habits that usually develop in the college life among students are discussed below:-
1) Excessive Freedom: All students feel liberty in college life when they compare it with their school life. Sometimes this excessive freedom spoils and hurts the students and leads them to the wrong way.
2) Smoking and Drugs Addiction: Generally due to freedom in college life students begin to use drugs and other unhealthy things that damage their health and waste their money. The habit of smoking and intoxication spoils their study and career.
3) Undisciplined: It is witnessed that college life kills the discipline and students are not under control of teachers. They become unionist and consider themselves above the rules and regulations of the college.
4) Wastage of Precious Time: A bad habit that develops in college life is wastage of time. Majority students waste their time in gossip and chatting as well as wandering.
5) Money Oriented: The college life makes students from a service-oriented to money-oriented. On account of this they always need money to fulfill their legal and illegal desires and if money is not getting through legal means they try to get it from illegal means and do not consider the consequences. They pocket money, which they get from their parents does not fulfill their requirements on account of their money-oriented approaches.
6) Selfishness: The college life also makes them selfish as usually all students of a college consider only for themselves. They do not care for others for their interest.
7) Law-breaking Habit: A college student does not care for laws of land and always thinks about to break them. The tendency of the non-law-abiding attitude endangers him and he has to face consequences of his illegal approach.
8) De-morality: The moral of a large number of students of colleges is eroded that destroys the courage, confidence and hope of the students.
9) Narrow-minded Approach: A college student has the attitude of self-centered that makes him narrow-minded person. He has not broad insights and thinking. Being a centered-oriented person, he observes the dark side of each aspect like a pessimist who always sees the negative aspects of each thing. The pessimistic tendency always gives him losses and disadvantages.
10) Engulfed by Internet and Mobiles: A college student is generally engulfed by internet and mobiles. All the time he is seen with playing mobiles and internet, wasting his precious time and health as he is not ready to take physical games. He becomes lazy due to extraordinary use of mobiles and the internet. Parents always worry over his unnecessary use of mobiles and the internet.

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