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Democracy is taken from a Greek word which means government of the people, by the people and for the people .Demos means people and cratos means government .The term Democracy has been claimed by both the capitalist’s world and the socialist world .Man attains power when he develops his intellect and will.
Direct democracy
Representative democracy
Direct democracy
Every citizen has an equal say in the working government.
Representative democracy:
In a representative democracy set-up, citizen elect representative who actually make the law.
Why I recommended Democracy as a best system for a state?
Democracy is based on a faith in people - in the dignity and worth of the individual and in our shared humanity. It assumes that the basic objective of social action should be the welfare and happiness of the greatest number of people.
Democracy is a society characterized by equality of social power.(Dr. John S. Atlee)

Democracy is not merely a form of government, but a kind of society. Effective democracy requires democratic control of all social power, not merely government power.
The vote alone is relatively ineffective unless there is also equality of other forms of social power, such as knowledge. Voters must have ways of learning about candidates and issues and when the media are controlled, once again, by those with money, then the ballot can't fulfill its democratic function. I recommended Democracy as a best system of government as it focuses the needs, demands and interest of an individual and power belongs to the people. In a democratic society every individual is important. It needs supreme intelligence, especially the emotional intelligence. Emotionally intelligent person know:
His self
Means know yourself,
His emotions
Your emotions and manage them
Emotions of others and respect them:
To have good relation and to be with them
Emotional intelligence have three Aspects:
1. Condemn
2. Affiliation
3. Affection
Democracy is not a naturally occurring phenomenon .Its birth was from noble but radical ideas within a few Greek city states before 400 BCE .It is the most wide-spread political system in the world today .It allows every person to have a voice in their government .It enables great freedom for individuals .People wants to have and express their individual and collective identities, which may be an even more important concept than freedom itself. Democracy has proven best for obtaining goals of identity, individual freedom and collective wellbeing.
Democratic government system focuses co-operation of departments, co-operation with other provinces .it is most difficult form of government because every individual is free to act and react what he want. In a democratic system people are treated as treasure .they know how to co-operate with others and do respect of other’s right.

Key elements of Democracy:
• Accountable form of government
• Improve the quality of decision making
• Provides a method to deal with differences and conflicts
• Suitable for the countries having diversity of languages, religion and culture
• Make possible the unity in diversities
• Allows to correct its own mistakes
• Enhances the dignity of citizens
Demerits of Democracy
• It leads to instability
• No scope for morality
• Leaders don’t know the best interest of the people
• Leads to bad decisions
• Lack of communication
• Leads to corruption
• In a democracy people get what they deserve, they get what they desire .If there is corruption and insecurity, it is because the people are working towards them. Finally, democracy paves way for man to have fundamental freedoms. The freedom of movement, vote, to go school, use Facebook, twitter and so on .Above all it also guarantees the freedom of speech .Tomas Garrigue once said: “Democracy has its faults because people have their faults; like owner like store. So whatever fault we fined to malign democracy is not because of the system, but those running it .Thus, the efficacy of democracy may be got only from the sincerity of humanity”.
• To conclude, I hope, Just as Abraham Lincoln hoped on November 19, 1863, that the “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”. I want democracy in constitution, in government structure, in all departments especially in education As Abraham Lincoln said that” the philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next”.

Independent Judiciary is the most important feature of the democracy:

Democracy is characterized by independent judiciary. The judiciary does not depend on executive or legislature. No government organ can influence judiciary.


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