08 Tips to become a resilient student

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


To get success in all fields of life is the core wish of human beings, but the life is the combination of successes and failures. By nature, the world is the focal place of examination, only for human beings not for other creatures of God. Student’s life is the fullest of swing life as the sign of this life displays about the future of a student. If a student fosters in the vigorous and educational environment and keeps himself far from all bad habits, especially from intoxication / drugs, it is expected that success will kiss his step. Otherwise, failure will become his fate. The eight tips that make students resilient are given below:-

1) Food and Mood: Food and Mood are the basic elements for a resilient student. Without taking healthy food and displaying joyful mood, a student cannot be resilient. He must have to take healthy foods and display moral attitudes.
2) Indoor Study and Outdoor Game: Indoor study and outdoor game provide a healthy environment for students as outdoor games keep them resilient – on the other hand indoor study provides them concentration and meditation that are helpful to gain knowledge.
3) Discipline: Discipline is a long lasting impact on life and the recognition of the human being. Without discipline, life will become a mess. Discipline is a particular trait of a good student as it builds manners and character of students. The Discipline requires students to be refrained from the drugs. It also makes them resilient who will serve the society in their practical lives.
4) Do Respect: A good student does respect the others and in return gets respect as the doing respect is a reciprocal phenomenon. By observing respect, a student will become resilient as he is liked by everyone. He becomes a big and valuable figure not only in the school, but also at home and in the society.
5) Decision making approach: A student who does not hesitate in making a decision is the resilient student as making the decision is much difficult. It is a quotation of a learned person that one must make a decision whether it should prove wrong.
6) Innovative Approach: An Innovative approach means in search of a new idea, a new thinking so that from better to the best invention could be made for the betterment of human beings. The innovative approach produces resilient for students.
7) Broad-minded: The student who has broader insights and the thinking must be a resilient student as the broad-minded approach makes him acceptable in all the segments of the society. He observes the bright side of each element not like a pessimist who always sees the negative elements of each thing. The optimistic tendency always gives him the benefit and he is liked by all circles.
8) True Belief: Last, but not the least, the true belief helps out the souls of human beings. It is fact that without true belief, the souls remain restless. As the body requires air, food and shelter, similarly, souls of human beings also require the true belief. The true belief empowers human beings. If the students have the true belief, they must be resilient and robustly face hardships, if they come into their lives. The true belief never makes them fall into a disappointing ditch. Further, it keeps them as the helping hands, which make students resilient because they are always ready to help others for the assent of Allah not for getting praise or worldly benefits. The true belief spurs their service-oriented approaches that open the door of success for them and in the long run place them on the victory stands.

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