Freedom indeed

(Kashif Iqbal Hashmani, Karachi)

Pages of human history are filled with the stories of struggle for freedom, liberty, and independence. One can easily find in history that almost every nation of the world was enslaved by other nation in past,but they strived and fought for their freedom and found it after many sacrifices. Those sacrifices deserve to be remembered and cherished by younger generations, that is why every nation celebrates its day of independence with zeal and enthusiasm.

It is our right to express gratitude and emotions on independence day because it is freedom that aspires us to dream and achieve, to be better and to enjoy truly the fruit of liberty. However, one must think that whether we have gone too far from our right of entitlement, our right to express, or are we able to tolerate any action or any person against our collective norms.Is it freedom to live in a country in which fifteen year old girl got shot in the public just because she was advocating the freedom of education for girls. Is it freedom to call such girl secret agent involved in some kind of hidden agenda against the country. Is it freedom to vilify that girl just because she was working for some foreign news agency and sharing her perils in the way of getting education in this country. Is it strange to allow the liberty of education in our "independent country".

Is it freedom that the first noble prize winner of this country was compelled to live his life somewhere else just because he did not belong to the religion of majority.Is it really freedom to dishonor such brilliance just because he had some different point of view regarding his religion, which is considered strictly personal in other nations of the world.

Is it freedom to kill young student brutally just because he was spreading his particular views on internet. Is it freedom to react on it without having sufficient evidences and label any one or any thing heretical. Is it really freedom not to accept any other interpretations and views.Is it freedom to scare and threat those who stand against such hideous act.

Is it freedom to kill an elected authority just because he had criticized the law and called for better interpretation of it. Is it freedom to support people behind it and put coercion on those who oppose that incident.

Is it freedom to kill young girl just because she liked to live her life in her own way. Is it freedom to halt her to wear the dresses she liked to wear. Is it freedom to call that act justice because it could not be tolerated in this country if someone wears whatever he or she likes.

Is it freedom to give our children bias education and not to divulge any other point of view in the books.Is it freedom to condemn and burn the books if they are not according to the particular mentality.Is it freedom to impose restrictions on internet because it could show the different side of the story.

Is it called independence which we celebrate every year with such loud and crowd. Is it called liberty which we should transfer to our next generation. Is it called freedom in which we would have proud and confidence. Is this something which can inspire other nations of the world to follow.

We should take a moment and think whether freedom or slavery of narrow mentality we would like to pass on to our next generation. We should realize that we must cultivate real spirit of freedom in our nation with integrity. We must make sure to provide the gifts of freedom of speech,expressions,think and act to our children. After then and only then we will be able to call it freedom;freedom indeed.

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Thought provoking..
By: Qureshi, karachi on Aug, 17 2017
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