(Atifat Shahid, Karachi)

These days the numbers of beggars have increased in all parts of the city. No street or bazaar is free from beggars. Even they are found in great number in hospitals and outside the school and college. The moment you come out of your home they start chasing you. Then they follow you everywhere young healthy fellows can be seen as beggars. Even small children are forced for begging by their parents. They encourage many others to become beggars because it is an easy way of earning.

Beggars also do criminal activities. They are stealing thing and cheating in homes, shops and offices. They are found involve in child lifting also. They have so many criminal gangs. The female beggars enter the houses quietly and rob the people in different ways. Child lifter gangs cut off the limbs of the lifted children and force then to sit in busy places for begging.

The government should check this social evil with iron hands and public should also co-operate with the authorities to crush this evil practice.

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