How Ghost Schools can be the catalyst to change in our Education System.

(Abdul Jalil, Kracahi)

Pakistan is known to be one of the most populated nations amongst all on the globe. It’s not just a nation with a high number of residents but rather a place that has the most diversified people living in it. It is a land to thousands of people belonging to different religion, ethnicity, culture, cast and creed. However, with the rapid increase in the population it draws a question mark on the overall development of the nation and how is it going to progress in the near future. With some major issues being highlighted on a daily basis which includes basic necessities not being provided to the people, another bigger issue is that of education. The illiteracy rate of Pakistan is increasing while no proper measures are being taken to minimize the rate and provide better education to all.

There are several issues that can be addressed regarding the education issues in Pakistan. To begin with, there are major questions that can be raised on lack of proper fund management in this sector by the concerned authorities. Poor financial planning can be seen however you cannot purely neglect the fact that financial management is not the only factor resulting in poor educational systems but there are various factors involved. A major chunk of schools in Pakistan come under the label of “Ghost Schools”, these schools refer to the infrastructure of schools that are build by government but has no teachers or students present in it.

The ghost schools represent numerous social and cultural issues that are embedded in our society. These factors are working as roots that are cancerous for the entire society and the upcoming generations. Many teachers are forced and threatened to not teach and many choose to not go to work while getting pay checks at home. The number that has been reported is to be more than 8,000 ghost schools being present in different areas of Pakistan. The sad fact is that various children who have the urge to study stay illiterate due to an empty school building being available in their vicinity with almost no furniture available and most importantly no teacher to teach them.

Without education the nation is seen to go nowhere from the current standing position considering that is the foundation for the progress of any nation. It’s a basic right for every citizen to have access to education and been given a fair chance of learning and progressing as an individual.
In order to come up with solutions, little steps should be encouraged to address these issues. Technology is a major factor behind the success of many developed nations that is still not being used in the best form in Pakistan. In order to bring the infrastructures of ghost schools in the right use, those building should on immediate basis should be bring down to the actual use. The school building were initially build to provide education, thus the core purpose of those buildings should be served.

Looking at the current scenario, an ideal situation would’ve been to appoint highly trained and skilled teachers for every ghost school present. But looking at the practicability, thousands of good teachers would not be available at our disposal. Also, there would be heavy funding needed to provide them with their monthly wages which will come down to millions of finances. In order to solve this issue, all the schools can be equipped with projector and screening that would work as screens that would play videos for the children.

Videos can be made for different lectures and subjects as per the given outline that can be played in those classrooms and turning those ghost schools into virtual schools indeed. This idea can be executed by simply bringing few teachers on board and recording their lectures and providing them nationwide in every area to ensure the easy access of education for all.
The core idea behind turning the ghost schools into virtual schools is the being cost effective and still providing education to students. Children in our country are deprived of the mere chance of getting education regardless of how passionate they are. It is not just their wish to study but rather their basic right to get access to it. By bringing the ghost schools come to use, the nation can progress in a healthy manner.

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