The defenders our pride

(Rumisa Malik, karachi)


Whole Nation celebrated 70th anniversary of the birth of Pakistan with patriotic zest. The celebrations were started from the beginning of the month till Independence Day. People decorated their homes, streets with green- white buntings, light bulbs, streamers, big and small flags, faces were painted with Pakistani flag or stickers on their cars and motorcycles as well. National songs resonated everywhere. Infect, everyone was celebrating according to their emotions with a pomp and show. According to media reports, record business was observed on 14 august 2017. The celebrations were not only witnessed across Pakistan but also all over the world. First time celebrations were organized by UNO General Assembly. Doodle of Search engine Google was also turned into green on Pakistan Independence Day. As compare to 2016, this year the passion in celebrations was beyond expectations.
During last few years, the terror was spread everywhere. People were frightened to celebrate any occasion. Many schools, colleges and other academic institutions were closed due to uneven wave of terror. The roads and streets were deserted.

In the meanwhile, Pakistan suffered a severe bloodbath in Dec 2014 when Army Public School (APS) Peshawar was attacked by some animals. Whole nation felt that pain and sadness had taken over the country thoroughly. APS Peshawar massacre became the turning point to move forward towards a peaceful Pakistan. Then, political and military leadership set together and decided to get rid of terrorism once for all. Final battle against terrorism was decided. In this regard national action plan (NAP) was formed for restoration of permanent peace. Military and Law and enforcement agencies launched different surgical operations across Pakistan. After long, tiring but uncompromising operations and efforts of stake holder’s peace sustained and 14 Aug 2017 was celebrated with full zeal and zest just because of our defenders. They are the real hero and pride of nation they ensure our safety while we celebrate.
(Rumisa Malik, khi)

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