MDCAT 2017

(Muhammad Aized, Lahore)

This year's Medical and Dental College Admission Tests for Punjab were allegedly leaked in Lahore. In the reports released by local news outlets, it has been reported that the entry exam was solved and leaked to students through various academies. The paper, in a short passage of time, went viral and students who had benefit to such corruption performed well in the exam.

If it is true, it means that even such an important exam whose credibility should be incontrovertible was sold just for the sake of 50 thousand rupees. This country has mafias all around. You name for the subject, pay for it and here you go; all divulged.

PMDC, UHS, HEC and other competant authorities must not remain apathetic over this issue. It is a matter of life for students. It must not be taken for granted. On the other hand, allegedly, Physics and English portion of the test was of Ph.D level. It looked like a paper to favour a particular group, not an open competition. The state of abjection is really horrible. A student strives hard for this test and what is the bottom line; you can't get through it because you can't afford it.

Once again, the government must look into this matter and take serious action against the guilty. Otherwise, the consequences would be gruesome.

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