08 habit ruin student career

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


Career is a planning and thinking for future lifework in order to decorate corporate activities with a view to earn and learn a lot. Selecting the right major and healthy habits play an important role deciding the career path or getting the better structured job having promotional ladders. On the other hand, unhealthy habits with the wrong major depress students in the first instance and create gloominess in their professional life. The eight (8) habits that ruin students’ career are discussed below:
1. Intoxication / Drugs: Intoxication is much dangerous for health and wealth, especially for students as they are the builders of the future. The students who indulge in drugs not only lose their health and wealth, but also miss their study and become skewed. It also ruins their career path as generally the doors of the corporate world are closed upon them. They feel themselves in isolation as no one does like to talk intoxicated students.
2. Over-confidence: As confidence is a ladder of success for students, similarly over-confidence is a curse for them as it makes them fall into the ditch of proud, consequently their careers are ruined. The over-confidence inserts laziness in them on account of this; they do not resort to labor and efforts. Lack of labor and efforts not only affects their study, but also their careers.
3. Sex-oriented approach: The students who have sex-oriented approaches not only spoil their health and wealth, but also ruin their career. Students must be avoided this kind of approach by leading their lives according to the moral prevailing in the civilized societies. They should try to desist wrong and foul thinking and keep them busy in healthy activities, so that they have no time to do or think wrong.
4. Disobeying Tendency: The disobeying tendency has been harm in all the ages and in all the wages not only for students but also for all individuals because no one likes it, even God. The disobeying tendency also ruins the career of students.
5. Stubbornness: The world is a place where inflexibility cannot run with peace and love. Flexibility must be observed to catch the hearts and days. Stubbornness is a habit that must be avoided otherwise it may ruin the career of students.
6. Laziness: The world is a dynamic place. Movements and changes are continued. They continued until and unless the doomsday is established. If anywhere stagnant is prevailing; destruction and downfall engulf that society soon. Students must show activeness, otherwise their career may ruin.
7. Absenteeism: The habitual pattern of absence from attending classes is known as absenteeism. It is viewed seriously in all fields of life as it is an indicator of poor performance. The absenteeism in the long run ruins the career of students.
8. Chatting and Waiting: Unnecessary (the whole night) chatting and waiting for students are extremely the bad habits. They permit the weaknesses of students to overcome their strengths. This habit also damages their health as they are not in a position to have a sound sleep and a healthy food. It ruins their strength, which in the long run, can ruin their career and warrioring ability.

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