The Evolution Of Makeup

(Rimsha khan, rawalpindi)

Not so long ago,perhaps 2-3 decades ago makeup had not that much importance,natural beauty was considered more attractive,and in many backward areas it was not even considered to be a good thing but with the passage of time every single proposition about makeup has emensly changed.

The majority of people think that no girl can live without makeup..why is that so??

Makeup has become so commom that everytime we leave the house we have to apply these necessities. A little puff here and there,a little lipstick perhaps some gloss seems good as well,some foundation definetly and wait what about a BB cream and yeah can't forget the sunscreen.

The question is why? why do women apply it to impress someone or just for showoff? The answer is a BIG NO.Each girl puts on makeup to feel good,to be more confident,just for themselves. Now a days every girl wakes up in the morning..sees herself down in the dumps and says that's not me,she then goes changes into her best clothes,brushes her hair and puts on some makeup..because makeup is not just some paint it's a girls best friend.

makeup has become a necessity for women all around..whether they be teachers,entreprenuers, doctors,nurses,house helpworkers,bussineswomen, and even housewifes,they all use it. Not to mention men also use makeup in the present times.You can say makeup has become a basic need of the people in the presnt day world. The reason of it's huge need is that now it has become accessible to people of all types..whether rich or middle class..every one can buy people could always afford those high branded makeup items but now mediocre people can also buy the same stuff,because replicas have entered our lives..those "BRANDED NAMES" are now available to every person..maybe not of the same quality but still having makeup items with expensive brand names on your dressing table it's a deal sealed.As each day passes by new products and techniques are developing bringing even more variety to the masses.Like for example a couple of years back who knew about contouring and how it can totally change the way you look.As technology is developing day by day it is also collaborating with makeup,in today's world you can get permanent makeup done on your wow! Well lets hope things stay the way they are and this make up craze does not go too far ahead.

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