Atrocities in Burma

(Ahmad Sardar, Gujranwala)

The government of burma blames terrorists for starting the violence. Rohingya militants killed 12 security officers in border post attacks two weeks ago, according to state media, intensifying the latest crackdown. In northern Rakhine State there are reports of at least another 30,000 Rohingyas trapped in hilly terrain without basicfood,shelter,clothing. Such outrageous acts by budhists of burma. It is the rule of the world that "everyone stands with the powerful no one stand with the weak".Murder of a human is the murder of whole humanity. As i am a muslim i could feel the pain of my muslim brothers of burma whose lives have been detroyed on the name of so called peace. It is the hadith of HOLY PROPHET(PBUH) that: if u see some injustice so first you should stop it by your hands if you are not able to do so then stop it by your words if couldn't then consider it bad in your heart then non kind of status is left for faith. In 2015 Syria 2016 Palestine and now Myanmar. A huge stress is layed on Muslims continuosly. If no one speaks against cruality than i, if no stands infront of atrocity than me. Because its a common mistake in all of us that we always blame others, never do anything by ourselves.

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