Recent cricket condition in Pakistan

(sarmad Ghumman, islamabad)

Last night, last t20 was played between Pakistan vs Pakistan. Everyone knows its last match but it is also a begin or starting point to start a new era of cricket history in Pakistan. I am writing this article to present a tribute to legends Cricketers of World Xi. World Xi, Pakistani nation can't forget your services for Pakistan in such a critical situation. I also say thank Pak Army, Police and government.

Some people say it totally flops show because Pakistan used a lot of money for this which is wrong. But I don't believe. So it is a flop show. It was the totally amazing effort of PCB.
History is a witness that if you desire to achieve high goals, then you shall need a sacrifice. We sacrificed only money, but we got more than that we were going for. We have a message to all worlds that Pakistan is a safe country, not for cricket but for all orbits.

Pakistan belongs to those countries which have a lot of crazy about cricket.Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh are countries where cricket is not just a sports, but greater than anything sometimes their lives.After attacked on Sri Lanka team in Lahore, cricket has been banned in Pakistan.PCB tried many times to restore cricket in Pakistan, but every time it fails.

According to my opinion, Sarfraz Ahmad proved lucky for Pakistan.First of all, he won the Champions trophy for Pakistan.After a huge victory for Pakistan, ICC decided to send World XI in Pakistan.It was an unforgettable victory of the Pakistani nation.Pakistan Army took responsibilities of security of World's XI matches.It was a fruit of the unity of PCB, govt, and Army.In his interviews, Sammy and other international players gave a good last we defeated terrorism.We succeeded.
In the absence of a well-governed cricket board and a robust domestic cricket structure, Pak will continue to depend on individual brilliance to win games. To their credit, new match winners keep coming through. But consistent performance is key to be a truly great team, and without institutional thinking, they may not get there .

Now we have a chance to continue this victory. Now future of cricket is very bright in Pakistan.PCB should plan on urgent basis for future of Pakistan cricket. Coming few months are very important and critical.I hope for best.At last, I just desire to say Thank you world XI.

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