E-Learning Management System

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The Distant or unconventional learning is known as the e-learning. With the invention of the internet, the evolution of the e-learning is being carried out continuously in all over the world; also the new techniques have been incorporated. E-Learning Management System is a system under which learning and training are provided through online and software applications that help in admission, administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of learning courses or training programs. The E-Learning Management System facilitates e-teachers (Distant Teachers) in the delivery of learning materials to students – they are also in a position to manage the test and other assignments.

Electronic learning is impossible without IT Gears. A Personal Computer, an internet connection and a printer as well as the intention/passion of learning are required for e-learning.

The characteristics of e-Learning Management System (ELMS) are as follows:-

Principle and Properties:
The main principle of ELMS is to provide learning to distant students at their homes or their desired places. In this way, no botheration of commuting is faced by them. The students are in a position to learn a lot at homes. They are also in a position to give e-examination and can administer all kinds of educational activities through electronic systems.

Low Cost:
The ELMS bears the low cost. The unprivileged students are also in a position to get the e-learning by bearing the reasonable financial burden. It is cost-compliant education system to open the door for each and every person either he belongs to the poor family or the elite class.

The initial systemic learning was Plato Learning Management System (PLMS) launched by Control Data Corporation in the 1970s. This system of learning first used by UK’s Open University and it was one of the earliest internet-based learning and teaching.

The ELMS is a vast learning system, which has no boundary. Each person who keeps a system and has internet connection can learn through E-Learning Management System.

The ELMS provides flexibility to learners on account of this they can do full time job along with taking different courses through ELMS.

Relaxed Learning Background:
The background of ELMS is relaxed as no stressed schedule is given, consequently the students feel much convenient in ELMS.

Quality of concentration:
The class via ELMS has the quality of concentration as the students are fully occupied with online classes without any internal and external disturbance which is common in off-line education.

On-job education quality:
One big advantage of the ELMS is that a serving individual can improve his education without leaving the job. Improvement in education enhances his career path and income.

Opportunity for Professional Growth:
The ELMS provides an opportunity for professional growth to a large number of aspirers who are fond of professional growth.

Quality of Continuation: The classes under ELMS are not cancelled on account of heavy rains, snowstorm and thunderstorm; consequently there is no loss of attending classes in comparison to offline classes.

Knowledge of Computer Skills:
Through ELMS, students may learn new scale of IT knowledge that in the long run, facilitates them in their practical life, also enhances their importance in the corporate sector.

Earning Opportunity:
The ELMS opens the door of earnings as after taking proficiency, some students start up online work and begin to earn a reasonable amount to meet their expenses.

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