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iphone 8 and iphone x prices

There’s been a hype recently relating to the launch of the new iPhone and Apple’s 10th anniversary. It’s been 10 years already since Apple’s been doing great for us and we can already just get enough of it.When it comes to Smartphones, Apple simply tops the list with some extra-ordinary features and fabulous looks.

At the start of this year, there were news that apple is going to make an extra-ordinary gadget to make its 10th anniversary memorable. Some of the Smartphone enthusiasts and Apple lovers predicted that Apple may launch the IPhone 8 with some brilliant new features later this year. However, recently there has been a rumor spreading everywhere that Apple is planning to launch IPhone 8 by the name of IPhone X at 10th anniversary eventto make a mark and celebrate the awesome moment with a next level gadget.

On the other hand, as far as this news goes, we are not sure about it yet since it is not yet confirmed by Apple itself. It will be false and void to assume anything before it is officially confirmed by Apple.Regardless of this fact, the IPhone fans are showing more and more hype towards the rumor of IPhone X launch by Apple later this year.

Despite the rumors, no matter if apple launches IPhone 8 or IPhone X, the specifications and features will not be much different as most of them are already been confirmed. And by taking at look at these specs, we are pretty much sure that IPhone X is going to shake the market over its launch.
Other than that, the news of Apple IPhone 7S and 7S plus launch is also speculating currently and it is most expectedly be launched along with the IPhone 8 Aka IPhone X.


As it is mentioned earlier, if apple actually plans to IPhone 8 as the IPhoneX on its 10th anniversary, then it must be special and fulfill the expectations of its fans. And with such regards, the look of the new IPhone will be a key point.

According to some recent rumors, the new IPhone X will not have a bezel screen so it is possible that Apple may revamp the whole look of the phone to make it look different and attractive.If the rumors of the bezel less screen are true, then it will be a significant step from the company and the reaction of the fans can also be a big factor for its appreciation.

Also there is news of leak of anIPhone X dummy which has been circulating on the internet for a while now. Talking about the dummy, there are still 4mm bezels and the images show a dual front camera with a metal frame. Previously, it was rumored that the IPhone 8 is expected to have a glass body but the dummy which was leaked has a metal frame and a comparatively larger power button on the side.

According to a report from iDropNews of citing a Foxconn employee, the company is currently working on 2 different models of the IPhone X which means that we will have a simple and a probably a plus model of the phone.However, it is not confirmed by Apple yet so it is not to be taken as a final statement.

Also there is a rumor that the new IPhone X will have a fingerprint sensor on the back instead of the front. This feature can simply be found in most of the android phones these days. We can’t assume whether apple is making a mistake by doing so or playing it smart.The IPhone X will have a 5.8 inch OLED screen similar to the IPhone 7 and with a bezel on every side.
According to another leak of the IPhone 8, the phone will have a similar look as the LG G6. According to its renders, the phone is slightly larger than the IPhone 7.

USB-C Port:

The brand new IPhone X is also expected to have a USB-C port instead of the Lightning connector, making it similar in features to the MacBook and MacBook Pro. The rumor was leaked a while ago that the new model is to feature a USB-C port option which will help in faster charging. However, there are also chances of this rumor being all wrong or also Apple can introduce variants with this option to check the outcome.

The IPhone X and the IPhone 7S and 7S plus are all expected to have A11 chips which is manufactured by TSMC. The chip was introduced this year in April and seems to be a pretty power efficient and high performing chip.

Wireless Charging:

The introduction of the wireless charging feature can be one of the most important features in the IPhone 8.you can check iphone 8 price at 4jags.com In 2017, a feature like this can simply help Apple to make its position strong in the competition against other company Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which is also expected to launch later this year.

RAM and Storage:

According to a rumor by Cowen and Co analyst, all the IPhone’s planned for launch this year are expected to have 3 GB of RAM each. Which means the IPhone X will also have 3 gigs of RAM similar to the IPhone 7S and 7S plus which are coming along this year in September.even you can get this 2 mobile from shopclick.pk in near future .

When it comes tostorage, Apple has been pretty consistent and almost every IPhone model comes in different variants. The IPhone X will also have different variants regarding storage. The IPhone X will probably come in a 64 and a 256 GB model.It is also expected to have NAND flash memory feature, which was previously introduced by Samsung.

3D Touch:

If Apple plans to introduce the brand new IPhone X with a glass body feature, then it will be required to have the 3D touch features to make it able to use. Also the news of 3D touch was confirmed by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi kou.

Battery Life:

We have seen Apple learning from its mistake as well as from others. We have seen a lot of negative reviews for the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S8 regarding its poor battery life and power consumption issues. In a state like this, it will be a fortune for Apple itself if the new IPhone X provides power efficient and smooth performance experience.

Also there is been a rumor that the new IPhone X is probably going to feature a bigger battery which simply means that the phone will be able to run longer and provide a unmatched experience to the to the user itself.

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