Who is Wrong ???

(Omama Khan, )

Very often you point out people around you, saying they are wrong, they don't know, they lack knowledge and many more comments that are mostly related to their moral conduct.

Well, they may be wrong, but ... are you too correct yourself that you are pointing towards them? If you are correct, then don't point them out in public. Try your best to show them right from wrong personally and in the best way you can. And if you are also lacking the same moral attributes, then ask them politely and in the meanwhile, also change yourself.
Sometimes you are right about others but the way you tell them their mistakes make you wrong.

Always guide others, such that they are inspired by your knowledge, information and experience and they are motivated to be a good personality. And then, you are Right!

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آپ کی رائے
Amazing.. Keep it up (y)
By: Amna Shafiq, Karachi on Oct, 22 2017
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