The Wrong Family

(Sada Hussain Channa, )

Oscar winner, Shermeen landed herself in controversy and people are showering the usual hate streak on her when she tweeted accusing the doctor for harassment who sent her sister friend request on Facebook after he tended her at AKHU. She specifically targeted Pakistan saying it has zero boundaries.

Shermeen threatened the doctor “you messed with a wrong woman of wrong family” and used her influence being an Ismaili it took just a tweet to fire the doctor working in an Ismaili hospital. It’s ironic. One of her documentaries were based on how the influential got away with abuse of power. Sharmeen turns out a hysterical attention seeking frustrated aunty.

Though,People agree that FB friend request is not a harassment, it’s not a bullying or unkind even. Sharmeen has not apologized or deleted Tweets like most would do. Adding oil to fire she wrote on her Facebook wall. “If a male sends another female a friend request, it’s harassment and mount to rape.” She tried to provoke other females, “Your body is a temple and so your Facebook wall.”Like the Hindu pundits and Brahmans who were so racist that they punish the lower cast fellow came across.

Pakistanis are brutally Trolling Sharmeen for her Tweets and believe she trying to cash defame Pakistan as she does always. We also need to look what’s really wrong with those women and their families.

Sharmeen represent that elite enclaves which continue condemn and crushing middle and lower class. A Facebook friend request is harassment if sent by middle class man to elite class but if you are an elite pervert (e.g. Harvey Weinstein) you can come closer and sit tight and receive a smile for a photo. So do if you are a rich actor, you are welcome to hold tight. Glad to have no boundaries.

Second such example surfaced earlier this week when a Landlord, a local cult and brother of Ex-foreign minister brutally slapped on face of lower middle class man in public just for nothing but to tell him his status and prove their lordship. The poor man kept crying for mercy.

Third such example happened earlier this month when Sindh Assembly Speaker Agha SirajDurani (an elected politician), damned gathering of his voters, “I piss on your votes, I f*** pee on your votes”.

Racism and elite cancer is metastasizing our society challenging our cultural and religious teachings. We really need to take measures on large scale to cope such wrong families.

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