What are we becoming?

(Dr natasha, Ivano frankivsk ukraine)

Aging process! Life expectancy and morbidity! Today's busy life where these words are so much intermingled. We grow we dream we cherish we grieve. All we need is some one to hold us or someone who should be held by us vice versa life is beautiful it's how we make it take it.

Marriage is certainly a contract between two people but what do we have in today's society, live in relationships, long term relations ending up with no commitment, cheating partners, unsatisfied spouse, arranged marriages full of materialism. When will we be able to get this out of our system/culture/society. We are responsible for increased divorce rates, mental health issues in children, domestic violence, post marital depression suicides and naming anything related with lowering self esteem, blaming ourselves for failure of marriage. Here today I see husbands cheating in wives just because the law allows to do so, multiple marriages just to cover up adultery, will some one out there amend the rules and laws. Domestic violence is ignored after a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates. Cheating a spouse is ignored in fear of being alone where society howls on the left overs. Today I see old men attracting school going girls with free expensive clothing , branded phones, elite dine ins, paying for them and manipulating them in to keeping relationships. More like the new addiction of 2000s.

We have two societies one where modernization is about destroying moral values other where in the name of morals relations are sold for a price for a branded phone.

Where we stand today as responsible people. Where we need to relive the humanity. Saving the new generation. Losing morals day by day. Western culture and eastern cultures colliding as we speak. Who is to blame? We couldn't change the bad to good in rural but we surely did change the good in urban to something unstoppable.

Today I question myself and you all out there. Where do we stand in society why can't we out up with moral obligation. Why do we have to bad eye the HELP at home? Why target the poor with the shining life they can't afford? Think again and harder once more we are building a generation which will be unhappy. We all seek happiness don't we? Is all this inevitable ?

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By: Amjad, Paris on Mar, 26 2018
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