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Introduction: Corruption is the accomplishment of due and undue desires not through own means, but through others’ means. When someone abuses his authority or status to take and give unjustified benefits in different forms whether it is exploiting of the funds, exploiting of the person or exploiting of the trust, the misuser of constitutional power is known as corrupted official and his all kinds of exploitation is known as corruption.

Corruption places the eternity at risk, as there are many instances of the collapsing of Industries; fall down of the kingdom on account of corruption. Corruption not only collapses the Industries and kingdoms, but also collapses all the corrupt figures and their dependents in the long run in different shapes.

Impact and Effect of Corruption: Corruption and justice cannot go together as when corruption exists, then justice de-exists, if there is no justice, society will not flourish, anarchy will be common, the poor will become the poorer and the rich will become the richer, resultantly the integrity and solidarity of a country are staggering.

Corruption is also dangerous for the economy as it flourishes undocumented economy, giving no revenue to the exchequer, no employment to the job seekers, no relief in inflation and above all no quality of service as well as no pace in the economic field as it carries the economy towards stagnation.

Due to corruption the imports tremendously increase against exports on account of which the country is severely indebted and living conditions of people are generally downfall. The stagnant economy breaks the research and development work as no real fund is allocated for the said work due to corrupt government officials.

On account of corruption the trust of the Government is badly shaken – foreign investment is reduced – remittances from overseas are also reduced as non-banking channels are begun to exercise the money.

Effect on Society: The stagnation of the economy puts severe negative impact on the society by way of racism, terrorism, absenteeism and vandalism. Unemployment forces people to carry out extreme pessimistic acts – some of them become suicidal attackers, robbers or street criminals causing abandoned law and order situation.

Eternity at Risk: It is an eternal fact that if corruption reaches the higher level, the integrity of the country is stunned. Its eternity is also at risk. For the eternity, for the welfare of the country and for maintaining law and order situation as well as for the betterment of human beings corruption must be controlled at all cost.


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