The Confusing terminology of science, Technology and engineering

(Izhar ul Haq Roghani, Peshawar)

There exist a difference between science, technology and engineering but this difference has never been cleared to some people. These are some confusing and interchangeable words for them from the day first. Let us see what exactly is the difference among these words and how to use them in the right place.

Science is a systematic knowledge of the things that are physical have some mass and can occupy some space. The things must belong to the material world. This knowledge is always gathered through keen observations and different experiments. If the experiments prove some aspects repeatedly then they are assign a higher rank in the field of science such theorie and laws.

Technology is not often a special product of science. It is due to the fact that they must satisfy the needs for the people demands. The needs might be in the form of safety, durability, usage, safety factors to name a few.

Engineering is related to both technology and science. Let me explain. Engineering typically the process in which the result is kept in mind while designing and is making of certain tool. In engineering the result obtained from science and technology are being utilized to develop certain systems for the benefits of the humanity.

The progress in the field of technology might have been influenced by many fields of knowledge that were in use. It may include scientific knowledge, engineering strategies, math solving techniques, even cultural and historical aspects to gain a few or many useable consequences.

The progress in technology is usually a result of the scientific and engineering knowledge. However technology becomes at the first place when it comes to our own (human) activities. For instance, in science we study that electrons flow in the electric conductor wires which is already known as a scientific fact. This is a new discovered fact an it can be utilized by different engineers to develop new machines for example calculators, cars, chips and many other tools of the modern technology. So we can say without hesitations that engineers and scientists can be considered as technological experts or simply as technologists.

However this is not that simple because the relationship between technology and science have been many times came under hot discussions where the experts debated over it for long time. The experts were not only scientists rather they were from many other fields of life such as historians, policymakers. This was due to the fact that in world war II this issue was directly related to the allotment of funds to the experts and everyone was proving themselves to be the right person to be entitled with some particular title.

During World War two in the united states of America it was believed that the technology was just applied sciences and that funding the basic science was to get more and more of technological results in the right time because in war your time can be your enemy as well. The lesser the time the more you can get benefits or get destroyed.

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