World Kindness Day!

(Muhammad Qaiser Shafi, Rawalpindi)

World Kindness Day! 13 November, 2017

It is a day to celebrate, encourage and promote kindheartedness in all its types. World Kindness Day falls on the same day and connects people in kindness all over the globe. The main aim of World Kindness Day is to look beyond ourselves, beyond the boundaries of our country, nation, culture, gender, race, religion and ethnicity; and realize we are citizens of the world. This day is to draw attention to noble deeds in the society because kindness is the common thread that bonds us all.

There are many ways to celebrate it; Donating food or clothes to your neighborhood is an ideal way to celebrate. However, pledging to commit just one act of kindness is no less worthwhile: Keep the door open for an unfamiliar person, smile at strangers and do kind things for them, give up your seat on the bus to someone else, buy someone’s food for them, offer a ride, leave a kind note for someone. Kindness should not only be held in reserve for our fellow human beings, be kind to the animals and to the environment as well, If you have children in your life, teach them the virtue of kindness by practicing it in your daily life.

However you make a decision to celebrate it, remember one thing about this day is that it doesn’t cost a thing.

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and blind can see.”

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