Heart touching message

(Dr Zahoor Ahmed Danish, Karachi)

I read heart touching story .I had not forgot it in my life .today I thought share with you.

Once Sayyeduna Malik bin Denaar رضی اللہ تعالیِ عنہ passed by a graveyard. He saw that some people were burying someone. Although it's a daily practice of people, it made Sayyiduna Malik bin Denaar رضی اللہ تعالیِ عنہ -the friend of Allah- who absorbed the fear of Allah from each and every pore of his body remember his death. He started thinking of the visuals of his death and said, “Oh, I will soon die as well. Gusaal (undertaker) will soon be giving Ghusl to me. People will soon make me wear the shroud. My relatives and the people who value my whims will soon shoulder me to the graveyard and place me in a dark and narrow grave.He became unconscious and lost his senses after thinking of it, and fell down, and started wobbling. And when he came to his senses a little, he stood up and started tearing his clothes and rubbing sand into his face. In addition, he started roaming around the places and streets and screaming in his insanity. And he was giving the message of mortality to the people by screaming out,“O, dwellers of the world! O, heedless people! Beware of death that will come one day, certainly. Do retreat yourself from the delusions and deceptions of the world, lest the worldly lusts should feed you with false hopes. Do not get yourself indulged into the lusts and worldly desires or else you'll only regret. O, people! Fear death. Indeed, it will definitely come. And he kept saying while weeping, “If only my mother hadn’t given birth to me. Now I'll have to bear the agonies of death and go to the dark grave as well.”

Dear Reader !
The life and surety of our elders is a tendency for us. Their values are the best lessons for us.

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wao nice story
By: server najmi, islamabad on Nov, 26 2017
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thank a lot sir
By: DR ZAHOOR AHMED DANIS, karachi on Nov, 29 2017
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