O MY GOD!!!!!

(Dr Zahoor Ahmed Danish, Karachi)

One day I was watching one vedio.o my GOD I was watching Heart Story.i will try to write that story in my own words.one person was saying .

I was returning back from a relative’s house. It was very late night. I was riding my bike very fast so that I could reach home without delay. I could see a flyover from a short distance away. I noticed a car on the bridge going out of control. All of a sudden, there was a very terrible scene.

Dear reader :take atteantion here.

The car, having crashed through the flyoverguard rail, was going to crash to the ground. It was a very weird scene. That wasn’t the end. Another car was passing through under the bridge at the same time. So, this car fell down exactly upon that car. Due to high speed, both of the cars went dragging each other until quite some distance. Then the crushingcar separated from the second car and fell downaside. Now, the second car stopped too. I immediately reached the place of the incident so that I couldrescue them in any possible way. The people seated in both of the cars had died on the spot. But, a rather tragic point was that a song was still playing loud in the second car.

My dear reader !!

!Imagine for a moment.that the man died while listening to the song. Don’t we still wish to die while reciting Kalima?Be afraid of Allah.plz sya
استغراللہ رب من کل ذنب
Think about it seriously.

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آپ کی رائے
me impressed by you.the one religious person can write in English. Good sir
By: jasmeen shehzad, lahoor on Dec, 09 2017
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Dr zahoor again i remind you kindly your writing style very hard.how we understand it .i try to understand i agree you are great scholar and best columnst in my memory but be kindly try to use simple and normal words in your own words.
Do not mind.i proud of you.
By: tanveer jatoe, sakhar on Dec, 09 2017
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