Media Causing Death

(Syeda Qandeel Zehra, Karachi)

The role of media around the world is very powerfull and have great impact on public. Media include electronic,print and new media all are playing strong role in bringing the change in society and these changes are some how good and bad both for people. Pakistan is a society which is rich in culture but poor in economy and somehow economy considered as the backbone for establishment of any country and it also have an effct on the behaviours of the people of society. As we are poor in economy everyone is trying to earn money espicially our media channels are working for money and TRPs. Their was a time when media was used as the souce of information and awearness but now there is a little change in media,now it is also using to manupulate the people of the society. In past media proves that it have great imapct as we can obvserv the propaganda of media in wold war .

Qandeel baloch murder:
If we recall the murder of Qandeel baloch we can easily find out the involvment of media in her murder. Qandeel shot to fame in 2014, when she released a video proposing suggestively to politician and cricket legend Imran Khan. That video went viral on internet and this type of more videos released on internet and get fame. There were no life threats to her but the problem raise from the time when she appear on a television channel and the Mufti Abdul Qavi’s issue get fame.Media use Qandeel Baloch for getting heigher TRPs and spread her controversial personalities to every home by use it in new as a hot topic. Afterwars media bring her Ex husband and add some more spice to her personality and somehow this was being the reason of her murder. She started in 2014 but her career get fall in july 2016.She get life threats after the appearance ob television channel and the murderer waseem(her brother)killed her on the name of honour.this is how media be the reason of her death.

Mashal khan murder:
Now if we go through the murder of Mashal Khan who was the student of journalism in Abdul Wali Khan university we can clearly see the involvement of media but this time there was new media which was the reason of his murder. A fake account,some sensitive posts and the over emotional act of some people being the big reason for his murder.

The core problem of our society is that we are over emotional and react so fast without understanding and our media is making us fool and insensitive by portraying the sensational stuff and give the explaination that we show what people want to see. Our media make us brutal by giving us the dose of blood,deaths and the most important crime shows which evoke our anger and emotion and most of the people can’t handel it and the society has to face a big loss.


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