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Gujranwala Prayer Timings - Accurate 25 Oct, 2016 Today's Gujranwala Prayer Timings are Fajar 4:52 am, Dhuhur 11:47 am, Asr 3:42 pm, Maghrib 5:20 pm & Isha 6:42 pm. Find Azan and Salat Schedule & 7 Days Timetable. Daily Fajar (Fajr) timing in Gujranwala, Dhuhur, Asr time in Gujranwala, Maghrib Gujranwala prayer timing in & Isha Gujranwala Namaz timing. Today's 23 Muharram 1438 Gujranwala Namaaz ke auqat (Awqat) with next 7 days Schedule from 25 Oct, 2016 to 31 Oct, 2016 and Qibla direction with Customizable Prayer Time Calculation Methods to calculate proper time for your Namaz.

Date Fajar Dhuhur Asr Maghrib Isha
Oct 25 4:52 am 11:47 am 3:42 pm 5:20 pm 6:42 pm
Oct 26 4:53 am 11:47 am 3:41 pm 5:19 pm 6:41 pm
Oct 27 4:54 am 11:47 am 3:40 pm 5:18 pm 6:40 pm
Oct 28 4:54 am 11:47 am 3:39 pm 5:17 pm 6:39 pm
Oct 29 4:55 am 11:47 am 3:38 pm 5:16 pm 6:38 pm
Oct 30 4:56 am 11:47 am 3:37 pm 5:15 pm 6:38 pm
Oct 31 4:57 am 11:47 am 3:36 pm 5:14 pm 6:37 pm
Latitude: 32.15 Longitude: 74.1833
Prayer Time Calculation Methods
University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi
Juristic Methods (For Asr Prayer)
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Gujranwala Prayer Timing Comments & Reviews

11:49 am pr toh kbhi Zohr ki azaan nahi Hoi ?

Zubarya, gujranwala Wed 12 Oct, 2016

i seeeen very frst tym prayer tym on the site ......weeelllldone gooood great

Ch Waleed ashraf, gujranwala Fri 19 Aug, 2016

I daily watch sehr o iftar timings. So it's a great job well done.

Abdullah, Gujranwala Mon 20 Jun, 2016

This is my first time to see prayer times on social media great job is done

Fraz Malik , Gujranwala Mon 23 May, 2016

Only because of Gujranwala Prayer Timings page, I am able to pray Fajar now. I can’t find words to thank you guys for this amazing service. Bravo on this achievement, I think no other website is offering this service

qaiser, gujranwala Sun 22 May, 2016

Allah hum sb ko ba jamat namaz parny ki tofik aata farmy... aameen

Nasir, Gujranwala Wed 18 May, 2016

Mostly I missed my Fajr Salah but now the month of Ramadan is coming soon that’s why I am noting the Fajr Salah timings with the help of the Schedule of Gujranwala prayer timings on this page to set the Fajr alarm.

Zameer, gujranwala Mon 16 May, 2016

Get information about sunrise, sunset, and five times prayer timings timings only from gujranwala prayer timing page. This page is a great help for all the Muslim citizens living in the city.

talha, gujranwala Thu 05 May, 2016

I can’t thank you enough for giving us this amazing service of giving information about all prayer timings. Have set my room alarm clock according to Gujranwala Prayer Timing page. Jazak Allah and keep up the good work

alam, gujranwala Thu 28 Apr, 2016

Praying five times a day is no more an issue. Set your mobile alarm by checking Gujranwala Prayer Timing page and never miss out any prayer throughout the year. Jazak Allah

imran, gujranwala Thu 21 Apr, 2016

thank u .. prayers timing really help me

Emma Rauf, Gujranwala Thu 25 Feb, 2016

Promoting knowledge no matter what kind, is already a good deed, but sharing knowledge of religion is the deed many times greater to that.

Hajwair Ahmad, Gujranwala Fri 29 Jan, 2016

Thnx for providing prayer timming!

Saim chohan, Gujranwala Sun 17 Jan, 2016


Kashif, Gujranwala Sun 20 Dec, 2015

Namaz is the greatest prize from ALLAH to his Lovely Prohet PBUH and we must have to offer namaz at that time

Ali Syed saifi, Bahawalpur Tue 08 Dec, 2015


yasir, gujranwala Thu 03 Dec, 2015

Thank for prayer time in our city
Today very upset because I don't no correct time fajr ,

Emmami fatima, Gujranwala Thu 22 Oct, 2015


Aqib sohail, gujranwala Tue 15 Sep, 2015

This is my first time to see prayer times on social media great job is done by the organisers salutes to them

m.Amin , Gujranwala Tue 01 Sep, 2015

This is my first ramazan which I spend with my family because for business I am living in the abroad.

aalam, gujranwala Mon 22 Jun, 2015
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